California Heat Wave Sparks Fire Warnings

The Golden State is expecting some of the hottest temperatures of the year.
1:09 | 05/13/14

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Transcript for California Heat Wave Sparks Fire Warnings
out west, sparking imminent fire warnings with the hottest temperatures of the year. Ginger is here with that forecast. We heard it earlier. Los Angeles itself, parts of L.A., telling the people who live there you can't park on the street because the fire danger is that imminent. Red flag warnings. 98, stretching up from the coast to the mountains. It's not just the heat, the wind, and the low humidity. All those ingredients combining to make for a really bad couple of days. Los Angeles, 100. That would be the hottest of the year and the first 100. Palm Springs, well into the century mark. 108. And then, we've got to talk about flooding because it's 180 degrees when you go east of the rockies. Look at what happened outside of Cleveland. And that would be the flash flooding that a lot of parts of this nation are feeling this morning all the way from south Texas, into parts of Arkansas. And a few up there in western New York. We have a lot of rain on the way. We're dogging inches and inches in the next 48 hours. Look at where it goes. Just west of I-95, actually. Western Pennsylvania, into parts of West Virginia and the Carolinas. We'll talk much more coming up in the nation's weather. But for now, that's the rainy picture.

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{"id":23692746,"title":"California Heat Wave Sparks Fire Warnings","duration":"1:09","description":"The Golden State is expecting some of the hottest temperatures of the year.","url":"/GMA/video/california-heat-wave-sparks-fire-warnings-23692746","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}