Hundreds Evacuated from Path of California Wildfire

Fire chief calls blaze one of the most rapidly spreading fires he has seen in 50 years.
1:43 | 08/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hundreds Evacuated from Path of California Wildfire
And out west, the massive wildfire in southern california, destroying homes and forcing hundreds to evacuate. Abc's cecilia vega, is live in banning, california, with the latest on this. Good morning, cecilia. Reporter: Amy, good morning to you. The fire chief calls this one of the most rapidly moving, dangerous fires he has seen in his 50-year career as a firefighter. And just take a look at this. You can see why. Up and down the streets out here, devastation. Overnight, even more southern california hillsides up in flames. This latest fire, forcing several communities to be evacuated, as flames race through the san gabriel mountains. Fires encroaching on roads, lea lea leaving hollowed-out devastation. Now, spanning 21-square miles. I feel terrible. Reporter: Firefighters battling fierce winds and parched hillsides, east of los angeles, until the sun came up. Now, on day three, the blaze still only 20% contained. It's pushing flames both east and west, causing what's known as a wind tunnel. This has been the real challenge for these firefighters out here. They put one blaze out and another one popped right back up because of these winds, making it almost impossible to put out. At least 500 homes threatened. 26 homes destroyed so far. This fire, burning, was one of the most quickly-spreading, rapidly-spreading, dangerous fires that I've seen. Reporter: And at this hour, still the fire is burning out of control. 14,000 acres burned so far. Six people injured, josh. Five of them are firefighters.

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{"id":19913048,"title":"Hundreds Evacuated from Path of California Wildfire","duration":"1:43","description":"Fire chief calls blaze one of the most rapidly spreading fires he has seen in 50 years.","url":"/GMA/video/california-wildfire-2013-hundreds-evacuated-path-california-wildfire-19913048","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}