'Call Me by Your Name' star on the time he embarrassed himself with Saoirse Ronan

The Oscar-nominated star of "Call Me by Your Name" talks about his plan for longevity and working with Saoirse Ronan in "Lady Bird" on ABC News' "Popcorn With Peter Travers."
19:20 | 01/26/18

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Transcript for 'Call Me by Your Name' star on the time he embarrassed himself with Saoirse Ronan
There Lucent's of for a living can you navigate. Seems like you. More beautiful than she was last seen. It's underneath it and nights for months. Very funny. Turning to admit electric. Wounded arm and then. You know foreign countries typically like for those things from noon to one. Hello everybody I am Peter Travers this is popcorn movie tell you what's happening at the movies and calling my name is a movie that is when a mine buried top favorite movies of this year it is to be great in every way. Strange thing for critic to say what I'm saying it anyway. It gets to you because it's about. First love heartbreak everything like that booted what you would read that the degree job. Army Hemmer is in it and doing great job and my guests debt. To me the shell and pattern here at Ali and asking before Israel popcorn its real popcorn and you need. Fantastic and so I'm getting asked even before we talk or. Is that you have so many innings when you're Timothy Eaton and because your dad's friends. Are you really to attack its boost intimated that it Louise is seemly to. Obnoxious requirements put on people's Timothy and Tammy your third pass Alec you can go back to him. I think both a gun then I saw some interview with you where. Someone from China and said your name translates as suite T. Well contained gifts and Chan instead. Is the closest translation Sullivan told them and that transit is closely sweet teen speak to him now what everywhere I go Luc and army that's that's becoming nickname and explain these Katie has been in your rapper days the now politically early to have an area if that's everywhere and hang out you know what kind of like a relief in some way because. Foley may be added there is a certain pressure naturally developed British accent and become a thespian or something talking about this movie fanatic there. Now and certainly idea I'd. Do you think damn it not to that. And vocabulary. So what they call you at home your parents. Timmy Tim yeah. That's always been Lincoln as a barometer to feel like some sense to me cross through. Family members are present at seven from the get go and commit these morally. You know whatever works really an optical about these things and all I'm shocked you're worth it to me what people. It can't be I mean because it's kind of of activity shown me film festival this year I mean lady bird. The F you're also in baton you're cost often you now so. Anytime you turn around and look at the why weren't you in Dunkirk. I just don't understand why you're not all of the movies. Well I'm not only with neighbors and allies are partners seller did you have Chris Nolan felt I would have seen you before an obscene Internet that hey you know. The Lebanon church so much that there are sixteen male roles and who you know and never auditioned this thing now I think jokingly me he laughed and he said. You know for British audiences British characters are sicker ground and that's totally understandable so. He released from the mouth that you could do British you can do French you can what you hope you know and certainly it's hopefully challenge and it's mean at some point but. Not on the radar in that regard cynical to cut yet there is but tell us because you've never had an opportunity to do this before. Just who you play short and call me by what pale -- Perlman. The net protagonists in the novel and it's precocious seventeen year old boy whose book Smart and if the spend Summers in this gorgeous area in Italy in. Visiting graduate students who setting my father David Michaels toolbar. Comes into town and at first I think he. Self assured missing rations of this man Oliver claim they've army members little bit repellent and in this confusing now we have with seen. Conference takes over and feelings of attraction take over. And if I keep talking I'll room in the movies have a few movie but what about in terms of your family what did they say he rift. I'm more interested in their reviews than anybody. Well for my dad it was an it was an especially surreal experience it has spent my Summers and transferring. And and I just that's very much never been the outgoing accurately. Play performer of part of mean in France. The way you know. If you'd like young people you know. Yeah young people aren't going to be tension in the room in France the wailing in the state kicking and irrelevance in the que no room assistance realigning for the both of us had. It's weird French is of weird French through into the film's Foreman and many languages and in Connecticut they just never thought that. The acting part of me wouldn't have that. Part of it Cuban appearance and proud you know I really. I got really really lucky that my parents and work with other actors are. In my discussions and our mean Billy's parents out of his acting his decision to pursue an acting career at them in my experience on them. Really lucky in that regard. Will you are but any movie that because to me this is this sensual man not necessarily sexual. It yet it seems to be. Erotic side he didn't deserve it of you just walk around and actually get to this summer Toluca and Bradley is in. Yeah everybody at Miller makes you think of the you know. I hope people have seen this film that that they watts has been in I am love there's this amazing shot of till this went in me when McGrath listeners fly Hazen. That's really like the tests and looks on making this idea of things just read into each other. And and characters bleed into another and you can't really tell what's when sequence with went with another. The food is a character in the house as a Carrie turns setting records here. To be a part of that any any thing like no brainer what always. Gets me about this breakthrough free program as somebody who has seen you on stage and chronicles. And to look I think that lets companies to advocates that John Patrick's new playing him right in I can remember that line you do you remember fifteen. They remember what it is to be this age to do it but. At your needs to do is that quality of the stage performance and at that is produced that anger. And then you do. A movie like ms. Stevens which comes that people have seen but if they show it and then didn't even bits monologue from death of the salesman and wipe everybody out doing. So people know you they saw you one homeland right they've seen you do other things like that and but. They never saw month today because they couldn't. And they probably haven't seen a steep and so this is going to be the first time for all right. And. I don't know you seem to be somebody who is in a position Dan reed and long career in. Who fall. He and I mean. Do you think about them when you are on a stretcher and about is the idea that Donald Trump as president and we may not appear engineer and that's Virginia only the on land which is. If it seems presumptuous or. Too quick to think like oh you know and set for a period of time in this film's again rapturous welcome there isn't science that we don't really in no uncertain end of perception on us or against duke project beautiful boy last year will come next year Steve Carano Steve Corel and I don't think. The ability to get that project ago that rule I don't think would have happened that filmmakers and producers seeing this phone. But I don't know why paternity litigated time in the idea and it's marathon not a sprint I know for any actor. The prescriptions heal up and and and now and so it's a great moment right now and so had to be doing this with down. And actually proud of it really like him and not. Whenever you get less of a trouble again there. But. Oh it's like peered so. It's crazy for me hear you say like an analyst to pinch myself and watched a show of Washington back calves and watched online election and you too. And Saddam. Unsealing an indicator some things I. What is there to be vindicated about the like I've been trying very hard not to do things that. Me financially you more access for maybe make an on screen that you wouldn't miss Stevens in. Sopranos there which more people at Siemens Aniston movie that every actor Louis reign of Louis right arm myself. Usually art direction we gave everything that's so satisfying about this and these reports so hard on it and like this story. It's important for rain with an unabashed celebration of love and at times and is. So cynical sinister everything's going falling apart it seems so. There's something even more articulately redoubling their home you should I mean. You still have this passion for something you did over a year ago not slowing because it's there because of the commitment that's there. But Michael Stewart who does to those who haven't seen it yet. Who does play your dad in this Luke the director said. This movie is in a way and months to pop right because this Michael has that wonderful speech where he says follow your heart where do. What you need to do he's not criticizing and he saying if you feel love. Going to threaten him do it and we live in a world that kind of says. No we do it by the way we say you should do our world where it's useless to be averse to pain particularly young age in particular can. And then askew low characterized. When he seventeen like the feeling things to me. And to be confused about what you're feeling weird track shoes and not know or so percent it's too easy it went so companies like it. Part of hearing about Bentley. It's true likeness and image of yourself and you yourself. Yours you've already submitted to that it sixteenth and eighteenth particularly when your show business news mere print for a new. Where there isn't usually a page we give an idea of yourself for yourself I mean I wouldn't. I'm knowing him with a man is named Nathan hail rain to vote 125. And now that you're with an amorphous mass yeah I don't know that I mean it had been you know crawling on my penis psychiatric institutions the truth and found. In. My column please for your sonogram I am a nurse to be peer review go to. Card was personal it it's Ed you don't see you seem like you have. Found your center so that when you work that's what it's about. And the rest of it is in the way. No wise yet what it is it's a little it has to be a little. Yes and rentals of the gift depriving the gifted you know mentors and my life like filling have been greeted students in the world where the idea has been to tell good stories good filmmakers not to. Become well known or make money it's not about that and and that's the protection agents. Do you get intimidated. At all by the quality of the people you've been getting to work with which is extraordinary yet it is intimidating because I mean. Think way I just don't want to. I don't want all you know burnout is it too easy it's too easy way to put it. Like an Iran you know kind of roundtable in June known frank Latin. John on frank. These are all guys and Anglican and staying in admiring you for. Ice ice on the dark ninth annual enact. And they were saying things like. Nissen Miette from the question and worry as it and changed his drama school an hour is notorious and there's a great feeling to that okay Graham here early some here for the moment. But I didn't want to me disease. Awfully scary thing you know the road map for young male actors are just young performers period is not strong at times which is while I'm. Two were lucky to have army because he's been doing this he's been. Filling out this business for awhile he's Stanley's it remains agreed Osmond he's an awesome father is an awesome mentor suddenly feel like lean on and certainly with. What's been happening with this stone line. He's had experience and other projects that are on a certain sort off a train but there's things that are independent meaning impersonation or things like Lone Ranger who. And Simon be Hillary and we don't want and it saves for two what's nice about. You know doing all the stuff for the first time it's known in some of this when my best friends recently. In doing the press stuff around it like this is I don't feel like I'm making a leap when I'm presenting myself. I'm not in service to the commercial or wherever. Property used them playing. For rather if is. You know this is the west way cumbersome nearly two to learn and today. Sound. Anything from. What does make sense but it's that you can function within within the level of intimidate ME even. Chris Nolan is somebody that you may have had not the big starring Rowan and denied Richard the son of Matthew McConaughey character and you're working with this kind and now you're working with Greta growing. Who is basically just starting her career as a director to Dayton. And it's not the leading role. And you don't seem to be afraid to take parts that saying I even if I'm in it for three scenes it's worth me having this. Our man appeared IE you make you feel forget in my if you so hard not to speak and like self agonizing herself propped sizing terms which are. Really try not to do but he resale likened for fast time because. That's why did a parlay and in house files which isn't like a huge part or anything I don't wanna watch her Christian Bale works on a settlement and he's an incredible actor and sure enough there things that can. You know deal. Members so he's still witnessing mean you know the idea that it's a marathon not a sprint and we shows on Saturday he's ready to go and is reach for anything is seen which is. You know the privilege of getting to be leans in a movie between thirty years but as a young actor now you're reaching all the time and so watching go to work its. That was an insane experience and incidentally abandoning of the rules not huge but I just want to be around those. Veterans and those greats and weirdly when years when and his seemingly Christian Baylor Steve crown colony or assertion. When you watch people so closing on good burials takes pressure off a little bit there's a documentary and Superman shirt or some thing. About now legendary manager and he said something ballet. Less known people named pictures of very well known people and how it always has a better effect on the lesson who pretty good to them on the person is with particular Ando. And ten degree that you feel it gives lessons scenes of them can gene they're just. I've seen some new things and sending interest in and are really doing anything. And we'll searchers kind of your age it's yes so it's you know and yet has this tremendous ability to bomb. Make the noise go away and focus on what's happened yet and my. That was the gift working assertion that Asian neighbor Russel these pages is my age who was in Manchester by the same. Is that you know they're very much work first actors which seems like cliche Anderson and insists it's true. And we assertion what's so insane ends mean. Legal listening to I guess in the new here and watch your wish list. Bet so intimidating reaction walked around sling partial owners of the war was using beacons used year begins. She's been gone sense relievers she was. And also the Rolen and movements was to be kind of an object of desire or at least an object of aloofness. Or. If somebody with a sense of superiority. House toughest how assertion outfit and the effect it with but it's certainly early shook. Really it's not play out at all like that incidents came over when they cellular and running a drink have to Wear today when it com and said Ali you know law. Are on the fate and usually don't think I mean I think you know what's the rush that what's the rush. And she walked away icon and ago. Welcome back and everything I'm cooler. This totally new units of McQuarters so. Yet the search is an incredible actress that. Is. He's. As did when you're working with her husband watching her screen and you just finished working with woody has different when down as well in. What more could the young actor BY. It's not say it's not finding comes from a pinch myself and as I've said before this not a talking point insists reality and therapeutic reality and. Actors carriers who have been and and sound. Night's crash. I think. A little and while you have all this doing all right look this is the first time you've been here so many don't know that we ended song. We do and we ended song we are likely said that too because here is usually I would if I knew it I would you know abut you know he. Remember him was that from it was from America. In oh yeah. What was downtown. Now whole downtown. And and meet in the media will you and me. Name and then. Where do you need me in the end the air. Lynn. Me don't. Yeah ten K yes so I try to name it. But don't mind saying I just can't me. They have lessons in this thing and that Watson ago green and genuinely cared about it I'm. And they again went in the real now I think the next thing you'll be doing is a musical oh yeah how got out my engines. We'll know guess I saw stuff review where you were in sweet charity only learned. And Peter you know I don't see what happens I'd seen that featured in connection in high school I noticed a LaGuardia and when we really drama complete down. You're complete with complete this on in terms of Timothy should. There's many in our war on line. And he doesn't usually like pulling things people's past nano is on camera is like look at what could consume yet and that's Fries science teacher in. January as well I just think it's all gonna happen for you so good it's all good hopefully. Great to see here is frankly me and definitely a good luck.

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{"id":52612580,"title":"'Call Me by Your Name' star on the time he embarrassed himself with Saoirse Ronan","duration":"19:20","description":"The Oscar-nominated star of \"Call Me by Your Name\" talks about his plan for longevity and working with Saoirse Ronan in \"Lady Bird\" on ABC News' \"Popcorn With Peter Travers.\"","url":"/GMA/video/call-star-timothee-chalamet-time-embarrassed-saoirse-ronan-52612580","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}