Camel Escapes Circus, Wanders Los Angeles Streets

John Muller shares the latest on escaped animal causing havoc on city streets.
2:14 | 11/24/12

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Transcript for Camel Escapes Circus, Wanders Los Angeles Streets
Absolutely. It was a bizarre sight. I think we can agree to that. Hilarious. Imagine walking down a busy street and seeing a camel running straight at you. The camel was on the lam from the circus. And abc's john muller is here with the story. Reporter: Good morning, guys. Roadways around los angeles are famous and infamous for a lot of reasons. Yesterday, a new one for that list. A camel on the run. His name is abdullah. He's not a movie star. But he's a performer. And he turned plenty of heads. Who knew camels were so fast? Who knew you could find out right on this los angeles county street. That's abdullah, the camel. Those are his handlers, sprinting to catch him, getting left in the dust. There was like ten people running after this camel. It was craziness on the streets. I heard kids yelling and screaming. Reporter: Ahmed ahmad had a sense of humor. But it wasn't so funny when the camel headed straight for traffic. Workers were rushing after the camel. And one of the workers was trying to stop traffic. Reporter: In the end, it wasn't speedy legs that corralled the camel it was a carrot that lured him in. Abdullah headed to a gas station. Camels can cross the desert on one tank of gas. Or is that water? People were surprised. Not every day, do people see a camel in a gas station. Reporter: Douglas ramos, the co-owner of the circus, says it all started inside the tent, where the camels were doing their exercise. Someone dropped a wrench. And somebody got scared. Reporter: That was abdullah, who saw a hint of daily and took off faster than a black friday bargain-hunter. He just wanted to go shopping or something. I don't know. Reporter: All is well that ends well. No one was hurt. No people, not the camel, no traffic accidents. The circus went on last night with abdullah playing his part. But it was that dash for daylight that will be remembered as his most memorable role, for sure. I wonder if people in l.A. Thought they were filming a movie or something. Oh, camel. Typical saturday morning. The best part of that story, when you thought it couldn't get more absurd, you start interviewing a guy with a clown face. Coming up here on the broadcast, the american college

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{"id":17798659,"title":"Camel Escapes Circus, Wanders Los Angeles Streets","duration":"2:14","description":"John Muller shares the latest on escaped animal causing havoc on city streets.","url":"/GMA/video/camel-escapes-circus-wanders-los-angeles-streets-17798659","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}