Cameron Diaz on Understanding Nutrition

The star talks about life-changing lessons from eating right.
3:00 | 01/10/14

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Transcript for Cameron Diaz on Understanding Nutrition
All panthers all the time. Cameron diaz has entertained us as an actress, you know that, inspired us as a role model and back to share some of the life-changing lessons she's learned and put them in her new book called "the body book." Her first ever endeavor as an author. We are what we eat. Yes. Had you been asked that back in the day what your response have been. A bean burrito with extra cheese and sauce and a coke, of course. You come to this honestly saying, hey, you've been there and knows the struggles when it comes to food. What about this turnaround. We don't know a thing about nutrition and how food works within our body and how it extracts nutrition, what it does with it. What are vitamins, why do we need them. How does our digestive break down the food. Did you make the resolution you'll be on the d-i-e-t. Who made that, a show of hands? 'Tis the season. The equation of health, it's nutrition is 90% of it. Understand your nutrition, that's what the book is for, to understand what all this stuff does to your body, good and bad. How your body functions on the proper nutrition and improper nutrition. We have a clip we'll show. There's some women you talk to when you were taking pictures with them and started this wonderful conversation. Here's a look. What's the part of your body, I love you and I'm totally i know how to work you. I love my shoulders. I think I have really good legs. How is your information on nutrition? Do you know anything about what to eat or what your body does with food. No idea. Really. We have three of those beautiful women that are going to join us right now. Que, come on in. Hey, eve. Chamia. Show us some love. Show us some love. So, what was the body part you said you did like about yourself? I said I liked my shoulders. My upper body. My neck. On the flip side of it what is it that you said you want to work on? Well, I always -- I can't always follow through with a diet plan. What is it that your parent said to you, pay attention. Pay attention. Like we go, oh, I'm not going to eat that because it's added sugar but when you have information about what it does to your body it's a totally different relationship with making that choice and becomes easier. What was it you were saying you would like to see a difference -- mine is a little more r-rated. It's a morning show. Eve, it's a morning show. Remember that. I said that I really enjoyed my chest because I think that curves are, you know, amazing and I just -- I like the way that it makes my body look in certain dresses. You said on the flip side no pun intended you want to -- I would love to work on my butt, yes. Because I have -- there's so much here and nothing here. We pick body parts and say this, that, we want this here, we don't want that there. We're always when we're trying to compare ourself to somebody else what we're doing is telling ourselves we're not good enough. All right, this thing. What's going on with you. I love my shoulders. That's where I feel my assets are and I think the thing that I'm really concerned about is about belly fat. It goes back to understanding how your body stores fat, where it stores it from. How it stores it over your lifetime. Your body is your responsibility. You're the only one who makes it healthy. Nobody else can do that. Nobody can force you to eat well or eat bad. You're the only one to make that choice every single time that you come up to have the opportunity to and I want you guys to have all the information and knowledge that you can to empower those choices. Are you ready? All: Yes! Thank you, cameron. Thank you all, "the body book" by cameron diaz. Available right now.

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{"id":21486546,"title":"Cameron Diaz on Understanding Nutrition","duration":"3:00","description":"The star talks about life-changing lessons from eating right.","url":"/GMA/video/cameron-diaz-understanding-nutrition-21486546","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}