Cancer Survivor Talks Treating the 'Whole' You on 'GMA'

Sheila Cox, a cancer survivor, discusses the importance of integrative medicine and holistic healing as part of standard cancer care with Robin Roberts.
4:00 | 11/15/16

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Transcript for Cancer Survivor Talks Treating the 'Whole' You on 'GMA'
A new approach to cancer recovery changing the way we heal and offering new hope all about treating the whole you with everything from yoga, meditation, it's something that really has impacted my life along with so many others. Once again my production company rockin' robin productions teamed up with webmd for a new series, the cutting edge of cancer. Here's a look. When Sheila cox had finished treatments for breast cancer she tried to run full force back into her life but instead she stumbled. I had three surgery, I thought I was healed and I thought I was ready to go and I wasn't. I felt physically, emotionally and spiritually devastated by it all. There's this feeling that okay, you've had your surgery, good prognosis, so done. That's just not the case, is it. That's when you feel really alone. How do we let the people know that the journey continues even after the treatment? A different type of journey continues. That's actually where the real recovery and healing begins. Whenever I was depressed the way out of depression for me was through movement. And that was lost to me. I wasn't akwaptsdzed with my new Bodie. I was holding myself in a strange way and wasn't breathing properly and I was fearful and had never been before in my life. To use that phrase that it was lost, how did you find it again? Up, up. Reporter: This is how she found it again. Across the country cancer treatment programs are increasingly using innovative treatments such as this fitness class at the bendheim intergray tiff medicine center in New York City. It's our 2kr50e78 to make it part of the standard cancer care. Reporter: As you can see here intergray tiff medicine is a more holistic approach to cancer. These patient, many still fighting cancer, some even stage 4, are participating in movement therapies, acupuncture, massage, and meditation. Bring the mind back to the present moment. Reporter: Intergray tiff medicine focuses on the well-being of the whole patient in a new way. Something I discovered on my own cancer journey. After the treatments I received for breast cancer led to a rare blood disorder called myelodysplastic syndrome, it was intergray tiff therapies like yoga that helped me not only recover physically but spiritually and mentally. I have been waiting 174 days to say this, good morning, America. I was given a sense of hope and energy that helped me re-enter my life. Open. Reporter: There's a palpable vitality, a life force given back to cancer patients taking part in intergray tiff therapies. Your confidence has returned. It has. Yeah. I look at you. You are beautiful. You absolutely -- I mean the light that is coming through your eyes and the way that you hold yourself, I don't know about you, I'm not crazy about the word survivor. I hate that word. I hate that word. We are thriving and I say we, we are thrivers. I would add to the thriver. I feel like I'm a warrior. Warrior and I'm standing next to another warrior. You get so -- I get emotional because it is the mental battle is something we don't talk about enough and I'm so glad you did and the physical helps the mental. It does. Getting through it because the battle is always there. We're warriors still, robin. We're still working but through chemotherapy you were running and moving. I had to run. It's the thing I do. It's my meditation and I have so many wonderful memories and that fight song with Rachel Platten, that got me through a lot of it too. You were sobbing through running. I truly was. She was truly KEMO sabe. The cutting edge, the five-part launches this morning. You know what else is good for recovery, pie.

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{"duration":"4:00","description":"Sheila Cox, a cancer survivor, discusses the importance of integrative medicine and holistic healing as part of standard cancer care with Robin Roberts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43535504","title":"Cancer Survivor Talks Treating the 'Whole' You on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/cancer-survivor-talks-treating-gma-43535504"}