Matt Damon Says 'Candelabra' a 'Dream Role'

Actor discusses tackling role as Liberace's young lover and performing alongside Michael Douglas.
4:25 | 05/21/13

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Transcript for Matt Damon Says 'Candelabra' a 'Dream Role'
Matt damon is taking on a risky and some would say risque role in "behind the candelabra." The film about liberace premieres on hbo this weekend. Abc's elizabeth vargas fresh off the plane sat down with the oscar winner in cannes. She's back. You were there at the festival, have all the juicy details. He seems like a down home kind of guy. He is so nice. I really enjoyed sitting down. Bonjour. I brought yo some bonbons from france. I'm back with my toughest assignment to date going to cannes to interview the whole cast from the new movie liberace. Matt damon and I sat down to talk about not only this role but his family and how he avoids the paparazzi and so much more. ♪ wow. Reporter: Wow indeed. This is to say the least a side of matt damon we haven't seen before, all feathered hair and wide lapels. I never saw so many pianos. I never touch them. Reporter: Any trepidation about taking on this role. No, no, not at all. To me this is the dream job. It was a chance to be in the front row while michael, you know, turned in this amazing performance. Well, I ask you, can you see me now? Reporter: Michael douglas plays the flamboyant liberace and damon, the man best known as super spy jason bourne is taking on a very different mission as his young lover. We played it as a very deep love affair. You know, it was a marriage this a lot of ways for these guys. The squabbles these two men had are like you hear in almost any house. Crawling the walls a little. That's all. Why can't we see people? What are you talking about? I just took you to the jim nabors/dom della wiese concert in one time. Reporter: The splashier wardrobe about the capes and furs but damon gets rhinestones of his own. I don't know what's more spectacular when it comes to costumes if it's michael's fur kays or your white thong. Yeah, I have never had this much fun and had jewels encrusted all over. A jewel encrusted -- mankini. What was it like to shoot the sex scenes. The more challenging stuff, i think, was really selling the intimacy of a relationship that's kind of a deep love affair. That stuff was actually to me way more intimate than like, all right, I'm going to straddle you right now and like plant one on you. For exactly seven seconds, are you ready? Reporter: Damon's off-screen romantic life is much less salacious married to luciana for seven years and just last month the couple had a private celebration on the island of st. Lucia in front of family and some special friends. You recently renewed your wedding vows. Yes. I had to ask did jimmy kimmel officiate? I will neither confirm nor deny that. Oh, come on. I'm -- he may have. He may have officiated at the wedding, yes. And is he a secret minister or I mean what -- what don't i know? We were looking for the perfect blend of depth but humor and humanity and he was the right guy for the job. You have one of the great marriages in hollywood. Why -- we don't live in hollywood. I know. Maybe that's why. I don't know. You know, you know, we get left alone really by the paparazzi and that stuff so the celebrity thing doesn't really kind of weigh on us. How do you manage to do that, though? A lot of people are hounded. They really are and friends of mine no more interesting or no less interesting or -- ben affleck. Yeah, they don't -- ben and jen, they don't do anything to court it, you know, other than their job which is the same as me so I think some people are just, you know, just happens for some people that way and I'm lucky that it's not that way for me. He's a great guy. He really is. "Behind the candelabra" debuts on hbo this sunday, may 26th and it's a great film. Thanks for bringing that to us. that's all I know. Great to see you, as always. "Behind the candelabra" premieres sunday, the 26th on hbo, looking forward to it.

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{"id":19224337,"title":"Matt Damon Says 'Candelabra' a 'Dream Role'","duration":"4:25","description":"Actor discusses tackling role as Liberace's young lover and performing alongside Michael Douglas.","url":"/GMA/video/candelabra-interview-matt-damon-candelabra-dream-role-19224337","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}