Capitol Suspect Reportedly Suffered From Post-Partum Depression

Dr. Richard Besser discusses post-partum conditions that may have affected Miriam Carey.
1:47 | 10/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Capitol Suspect Reportedly Suffered From Post-Partum Depression
Now, to reports that miriam carey may have been suffering from postpartum depression, as we told you about. We want to bring in abc's chief medical editor, dr. Rich besser. What are the symptoms of that, rich? A lot of women will have mood changes after they have a baby. 10% will have postpartum depression. It's typical things you see with depression. Lack of interest in the world. Trouble with sleeping and appetite. With postpartum depression, you have trouble sleeping when the baby sleeps. There may be lack of enjoyment in being a new mom. And you may have guilt about not being a good mother. And anxiety that something bad And what happened in washington, d.C., Rich, is that consistent with postpartum depression? We only know what her mother said. We haven't seen her mental health records. This is very unusual. Usually with depression, you have lack of energy. Trouble getting out of bed. Not a problem with reality. There's postpartum psychosis where you lose connection. That would be more likely. For someone with depression to get in a car and drive from connecticut to washington, that doesn't sound like depression. As you said, we're learning more and more. And we're getting this information from her mother about postpartum and mental illness. And this is something that you have said, as a nation, we need to address more. People who have these kind of issues. That's right. For women who have postpartum depression, it's common, it's rarely treatable. And there shouldn't be a fear you're going to do something like this that could put your own child in deputy. You want to make sure you don't stigmatize that. But clearly, there's something that speaks to mental illness. I think we'll find out more about that in the days to come. Rich, thank you. So grateful that baby in the car is okay. Thank you, rich.

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{"id":20468686,"title":"Capitol Suspect Reportedly Suffered From Post-Partum Depression","duration":"1:47","description":"Dr. Richard Besser discusses post-partum conditions that may have affected Miriam Carey.","url":"/GMA/video/capitol-hill-suspect-miriam-carey-reportedly-suffered-post-20468686","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}