Car-Bomb Victim's Daughter Takes the Stand

Heather Triano testified against the woman she believes masterminded her father's slaying.
3:00 | 02/28/14

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Transcript for Car-Bomb Victim's Daughter Takes the Stand
Right now we begin with that testimony in the trial of a social it'sit socialite of killing her husband at his country club. ABC's Ryan Owens is covering the case. Reporter: Later this morning heather Triano will continue to testify against the woman she believes masterminded the murder of her father. She was my stepmother. The judge allowed heather to testify without showing her face on camera. The former manager of a New York Versace store who grew up a child of privilege in aspen, Colorado, told the jury about the day 18 years ago when a car bomb took her dad's life. It was his surprise birthday party that night. So I was trying to figure out what to get him for a present. Reporter: Prosecutors say 56-year-old socialite Pamela Phillips paid this man convicted killer and one-time boyfriend Ron young $400,000 to plant a pipe bomb in her ex-husband Gary Triano's car as he golfed at this swanky Tucson country club back in 1996. They say Phillips used the real estate developer's $2 million life insurance policy to keep up her lavish lifestyle traveling the globe before she was arrested in 2009 at this luxury hotel in Vienna, Austria. I remember saying to him, oh, my gosh, she really did it. Reporter: Thursday her former friend testified Phillips told her about her plan to hire a hit man years before prosecutors say she did it. She said that she should just hire a hit man. Have him T out. Reporter: Prosecutors expect to wrap up next week then it's the socialite's turn. She's pleaded not guilty and claims her ex had lots of enemies. Her defense plans to call more than a hundred witnesses. For "Good morning America," Ryan Owens, ABC news, Tucson, Arizona.

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{"id":22714857,"title":"Car-Bomb Victim's Daughter Takes the Stand","duration":"3:00","description":"Heather Triano testified against the woman she believes masterminded her father's slaying.","url":"/GMA/video/car-bomb-victims-daughter-takes-stand-22714857","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}