Cardinal Timothy Dolan Reflects on Catholic Church's Future

George Stephanopoulos previews interview with New York religious leader.
2:22 | 03/31/13

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Transcript for Cardinal Timothy Dolan Reflects on Catholic Church's Future
We appreciate it. Very moving. One of america's most powerful catholics, one man once considered to be pope himself, cardinal timothy dolan speaking to george stephanopoulos about what happened inside thatecret conclave and the possibility of being an american pope some day. So let's bring in george stephanopoulos, he provided some interesting color on what went on inside. There's only so much he said. He confessed to some anxiety leading into it, because of the challenges facing the church right now. As you mentioned, he was mentioned as a possible pope going into the conclave, but most observers believe that the other cardinals aren't ready to choose an american pope. He believes that over the course of this conclave, that opposition melted away and that he now can imagine an american pope some day. And the current pope is 76 years old. Let me ask you something about more earthly, american politics, lot of ink being spilt this morning. Both the "new york times" and politico, speculation about a possible presidential run by hillary clinton. Here's what we know right now, we know that a lot of democrats and a lot of major fund-raisers in the democratic party want hillary clinton to run. They believe that she'll be the strongest candidate in 2016 and we know that hillary clinton hasn't ruled it out going forward. Until she does or jump in, that speculation isn't going to away at all. It freezes the field. Makes it difficult for other candidates, vice president joe biden, to get the kind of support they need. You're watching her every move. Thank you, george. Appreciate it. George has a big show on this easter sunday. New york archbishop timothy dolan will be his guest. All coming up this week just a little bit later this morning on "this week" with george

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{"id":18848829,"title":"Cardinal Timothy Dolan Reflects on Catholic Church's Future","duration":"2:22","description":"George Stephanopoulos previews interview with New York religious leader.","url":"/GMA/video/cardinal-timothy-dolan-reflects-catholic-churchs-future-18848829","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}