Carly Fiorina Responds to Clinton's Benghazi Testimony

The GOP presidential candidate says the Democratic presidential front-runner did "reasonably well."
4:10 | 10/23/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Carly Fiorina Responds to Clinton's Benghazi Testimony
We are joined by republican presidential candidate Carly fiorina. Thank you for joining us this morning. Miss fiorina. So, Hillary getting pretty good reviews even from some conservatives. "New York post" calls it an unmitigated triumph. Another, it turned out not to be a big deal. Good news for Hillary Clinton. What's your take? I think she did reasonably well. I hi it demonstrates that she won't be held accountable until we have a nominee and a general election debate who will hold her accountable. She never answered a fundamental question and the fundamental question is this, knowing that this was a purposeful terrorist attack on the night it occurred why did you go the next morning and address the American people and talk about a videotape that didn't represent the values of America and why did you continue to do that over the bodies of the fallen and for many weeks thereafter? She referenced in her testimony other terrorist attacks and the difference, of course, was in those other terrorist attacks the administration immediately came out and said, this is a terrorist attack and we will secret tri because. Mrs. Clinton never said that. You say she wasn't held accountable so did republicans on the committee fall down on the job? Well, you know, I think there were lots of democrats on that committee who were focused very much on salvaging their nominee in this regard and I have to say, I'm sure that there are republicans and democrats who were politically motivated but I think trey Gowdy has done a superb job of being a very careful examiner here. And if you just do a little thought exercise, if the shoe were on the other foot and she had been a republican secretary of state I'm sure the democrats would be holding hearings. You got a big bounce after the last debate. Let's talk about your campaign but now dropped back to the middle of the pack and there's a series of headlines questioning what happened to Carly fiorina? What's your answer to that? Oh, wow, George, you know, you're a political pro so you know we're 100 days out and remember when I launched my campaign on may 4th, on your show, as a matter of fact, nobody gave me a chance including perhaps you. First August 6th debate I wasn't on the stage. The second debate I had to fight my way on the stage. At this third debate I'm number four on the stage so I'm feeling good about my momentum, actually. How are you going to get it back? Oh, I've never lost it. I'm in the middle of the pack. Someone that no one gave any chance to, frankly. So I'm feeling very good about our ground game. Very good about the momentum that we have in key states and, of course, we have another debate coming up. I remain the least well-known candidate on the field. 40% of republican voters still don't know who I am so I still have a long way to introduce myself to the American people but what all the polling data shows is that when people see me for the first time they want to know more about me and when they see me for the second or the third time, that translates into support and that's why we have so much momentum. Moon "Time," Ben Carson is really surging. New "Des Moines register" poll puts him ahead. He and Donald Trump sucking up majority support. What does that tell you about what republican voters are looking for? Well, you know what it tells me, George, what you and I talked about on may 4th. You asked a question, was my -- the fact that I never held a political office a liability an I answered you and said, no, it's a huge asset because the reality is most voters, democrats, independents and republicans, are sick of the professional political class. Carly fiorina, thanks very much for your time this morning. Thanks, George. Let's bring Jon Karl back and, Jon, I mentioned that "Des Moines register" poll showing Ben Carson surging to the lead in Iowa. Yeah, and what's significant here, George, is it's also the second poll that shows Donald Trump not in the lead for three solid months trump has led in every major poll, nationally and in every poll in the early states. Now you have two back-to-back polls showing that he is no longer the front-runner in Iowa, the big factor there, George, evangelical Christian, only a third of Iowa republicans in that poll thought he is a committed Christian. Okay, Jon Karl, thanks very much. More on the race for president and the benghazi hearing Sunday on "This week."

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{"duration":"4:10","description":"The GOP presidential candidate says the Democratic presidential front-runner did \"reasonably well.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34674088","title":"Carly Fiorina Responds to Clinton's Benghazi Testimony ","url":"/GMA/video/carly-fiorina-responds-clintons-benghazi-testimony-34674088"}