Carnival Cruise Lines Experiences Another Ship Malfunction

Gio Benitez looks at the impact stalled ships has on the entire cruise industry.
2:25 | 03/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Carnival Cruise Lines Experiences Another Ship Malfunction
New trouble for carnival cruise lines. In the past week alone, three of the company's ships have experienced malfunctions, but are these new black eyes for carnival bad enough or big enough that they could turn off vacationers and hurt the entire cruise industry? Abc's gio benitez has been looking into that. Good morning. So many questions just this week. Carnival announced a full review of its entire fleet of cruise ships, but within just hours of that announcement, the news broke, more carnival ships in troubled waters. This morning passengers of the carnival cruise ship the "dream" arrive home while 2,000 passengers of the carnival "legend" make their way back to tampa. An emergency generator problem crippled the "dream." A towboat he skorted the "elation" because of tech issues. Clearly there is a larger problem going on at carnival specifically. Reporter: What carnival calls minor issues, passengers call reminders of those deplorable conditions on the carnival "triumph" just weeks ago. This woman sent us a video from the "dream." I really didn't want a repeat of the "triumph." Reporter: It's not just congress. Days ago people were getting sick with the norovirus on a royal caribbean cruise. So why all the problems on the seas? Year after year. While they're in a rush to do that and build ships big enough to hold thousands and thousands of people, we don't know what's guessing missed. Reporter: It can be expensive to take ships off the grid for maintenance. If you maximize the revenue and you try to keep them -- the boats in this case, the ships moving as fast as possible back out to sea. Reporter: Carnival tells us "each of these situations was different, technical issues will occur from time to time. We take each one seriously." And surprisingly, even with all of these headlines about problems on cruise ships, more and more people are going on cruises so it seems there is no immediate impact on the industry. We'll see what happens, though, over time. No impact on the industry but the carnival stock has taken a hit this past week. I've never been on a cruise. We were talking about this. You're a cruise fan. I haven't been on that many cruises but I won bingo when i was on the "qe 2." Why bingo with a 10-year-old a separate question.

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{"id":18744626,"title":"Carnival Cruise Lines Experiences Another Ship Malfunction","duration":"2:25","description":"Gio Benitez looks at the impact stalled ships has on the entire cruise industry.","url":"/GMA/video/carnival-cruise-lines-experiences-ship-malfunction-18744626","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}