Carnival Cruise Ship Making Its Way to Port

The powerless ship has been stranded in the Gulf of Mexico for four days.
1:57 | 02/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Carnival Cruise Ship Making Its Way to Port
Its power knocked out by fire. And this morning, the ship with some 4,200 people onboard is finally making its way to port. But conditions are worsening by the hour. Abc's matt gutman has the story. Reporter: After three days of silence and squalor, aboard "the trium triumph," carnival ceo gerry cahill is finally talking. The full resources of the company have been committed to this effort. Reporter: More than challenging, passengers telling abc news overnight conditions are worsening. Ann barlow seen here hamming it up before boarding, telling us, the elderly and handicap are struggling. The smell is gross. Her 11-year-old twin boys are worried. Been heartbreaking. I just hope she comes back safely and sound. Reporter: Barlow, like the hundreds you see in this picture, is clinging to the decks. The ship lost power sunday after a fire burned out its four engines. Carnival now blaming that on an alternator problem. On monday, carnival reversed course. Deciding to tow the ship to mobile, alabama, adding an extra day of misery for the passengers. It remains to be seen how badly this will hurt their brand. Reporter: And passengers are clamoring for answers. Texting us, why are there food shortages? Why can't they get us off? Reporter: And in the middle of mobile bay. You see where the two navy ships are going to be moved out and "triumph" will be moved into that terminal. The thousands of passengers will be triaged by medical personnel. Then, they will be packed on 20 charter flights and flown home. That's after five days on a ship with no power and little sanitation.

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{"id":18488302,"title":"Carnival Cruise Ship Making Its Way to Port","duration":"1:57","description":"The powerless ship has been stranded in the Gulf of Mexico for four days.","url":"/GMA/video/carnival-cruise-ship-making-port-passengers-stranded-days-18488302","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}