Casey Kasem Missing

The mystery surrounding the Top 40 legend's whereabouts may be connected to a bitter family fight.
1:52 | 05/13/14

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Transcript for Casey Kasem Missing
Back, now, at 7:42, with the urgent search for radio legend Casey kasem. He is not well. And his children don't even know where he is. A judge in the bitter family fight is ordering an investigation to find out his whereabouts right now. And ABC's David Wright has the story. Reporter: The most famous deejay in America has disappeared. Casey kasem's whereabouts this morning, a mystery, even to his own children. If anybody has seen him, if anybody knows where he is, we're just pleading with keep to make the call to the police. Reporter: The top 40 legend suffers from dementia. He was living at this private care facility. His wife, Jean, in charge of his care. But recently, he was removed. On Monday, Jean kasem's lawyer was unable to tell a judge where he had been taken. The lawyer saying, I have no idea where he is. But that he's no longer in the United States. We had some rumor that she was planning on taking him to an Indian reservation. Reporter: Kasem's children say their stepmother had barred them from seeing their father. This is the family's second bitter court battle over visitation. We did get a heads up from one of Jean's family members, who contacted us and said, this isn't right. Reporter: The L.A. Judge has now ordered an immediate investigation into kasem's whereabouts and appointed the deejay's daughter, Kerri, as temporary conservator. The lawyer representing wife Jean kasem did not respond to our repeated request for comment. Our main goal is to find our weather and bring him to safety. Reporter: Potentially at stake, kasem's multimillion-dollar estate. A fortunate he earned partly as the voice for shaggy on "Scooby doo." I'm Casey kasem, counting down the hottest songs in the land. Reporter: But mostly by counting down one record at a time. For "Good morning America," David Wright, ABC news, los Angeles.

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{"duration":"1:52","description":"The mystery surrounding the Top 40 legend's whereabouts may be connected to a bitter family fight.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23693404","title":"Casey Kasem Missing","url":"/GMA/video/casey-kasem-missing-23693404"}