Mom's Online Consignment Selling Tips

Shawna Behrens of Martinez, California, finds items at local consignment stores and posts them to apps like Poshmark, Tradesy and ThredFlip to build a social following and turn a profit.
3:29 | 09/01/15

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Transcript for Mom's Online Consignment Selling Tips
ask questions and so I was like, okay, no big .deal but then they told me, oh, you're going to be talking th I was like, what? Really? I just -- I thought they were joking but then I guess it was the real deal. The real deal, all right. You were so honest in saying that singing has been sort of afternoon escape for you from dealing with things like bullying. Now I want to know thection from your classmates now that you got to sing for thee. Pop Yeah, so everyone just told me -- llwe, the classmates that we treheretha the Ty knew,ey th duldwoene S msa mesges or they'd closet? She finds cute items at local consignment stores and loads it on to poshmark. Apps like this offer a social way to buy and sell. Followers favorite your closet and comment on your shoes, your dresses, they even attend virtual purse parties. You know the worth of your item. You can convey that to your customers and say, this is how it fits. This is what I wear it with. Reporter: Shawna isn't alone. On tradez she made 150 grand. This woman, 117,000. On threadflip this woman made 56,000. The online consignment industry is growing fast. Poshmark users upload $2 million of items a day interest their phones works out to an entire department store of clothing listed each week all in one app. So how can you become a power seller? Tip one, you have to be social. Just text right back and forth and it just really makes the sales a lot easier. Reporter: Next she says she's a brand. I think I'm selling stuff that I actually would wear. Reporter: She thinks of herself as a boho boutique and followers come to her looking for that particular style. For this stay-at-home mom typing the balance between family and financial security is all about fashion and her phone. Some really good tips there and Becky Worley has more for us so let's talk about selling stuff online. Some are better at it than others. I tried to do it with not a lot of success. What do we need to mow. You have to think of yourself as the brand. I love that line because you want to buy stuff and sell stuff that you actually believe in you don't want to be all over the map. And emotionally connect. How you take the photo is like staging the front door of your store. Don't. Dry cleaner's hanging, hanging flat. You can't see this. Now over here is our do. You have a form, a model form or a mannequin. These can be pretty inexpensive. 50 bucks and see the shape of the dress and its style. May not be selling the hat and necklace but conveys the emotion of your brand. Wow ever want to pose in the clothes yourself or no? Generally no. Because it detracts from what you're doing there. All right. That's good advice. You were saying -- I asked you about backgrounds. You said it's really important not to be too flat. Or too busy. Busy, grandma's curtain, to go. You can't even see the pattern. Now you've got over here against something that's really neutral. And you can see the lighting. This is front lighting. You can do that really easily. Either by bringing a lighting in. Boy, this is like a whole cosmo shoot going on here. I'm telling you, you're the brand, babe. Be the brand, people. Make some money. She made a lot of money. She did. Great tips and enabled her to stay at home and have more time with her family.

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"Shawna Behrens of Martinez, California, finds items at local consignment stores and posts them to apps like Poshmark, Tradesy and ThredFlip to build a social following and turn a profit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33449675","title":"Mom's Online Consignment Selling Tips","url":"/GMA/video/cash-hidden-closet-33449675"}