Cast of 'Girl Meets World' Takes Over Times Square

The cast of the "Boy Meets World" spinoff answers lightning-round questions.
3:00 | 06/24/14

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Transcript for Cast of 'Girl Meets World' Takes Over Times Square
So excited for Disney channel's "Girl meets world." The highly-anticipated spin-off of the classic sitcom, "Boy meets world." Cory and topanga are back. Take a look. "Boy meets world" rocked the tgif ABC lineup for seven seasons. You don't think I'm a geek? Of course, not. You think I'm cool? Of course not. Reporter: A tale of boy meets boy. Boy meets girl. Add the dynamic of the Matthews family. Little bro, life's tough, get a helmet. Reporter: And the infamous teacher, who happens to be the next door neighbor. And you have the syllabus for success. But if you thought class was dismissed for good, think better. After 13 years, Cory and topanga is back. With their 12-year-old daughter, Riley. You're just like me. Reporter: In the much-anticipated spin-off, keep an eye off. You might catch a new cameos from the old gang. Thanks to Sara. Ben savage, who played Cory. And his children, Rowan Blanchard, and Sabrina carpenter, Peyton Meyer and Corey fogelmanis. Did I get it right? What do you want fans of the show to get from this new version? A lot of the fans who watch "Boy meets world," grew up with us. They're very protective of the show. And they're nervous about the new show. They want to make sure it sticks to the legacy and has the same tone and tenure. You felt comfortable to be back -- It does. It's a little different because my character, now, Cory, I'm a dad with two kids. And I don't have kids in real life. It's been a nice learning experien experience. We're having a great time. And we hired a really wonderful cast. And I think everybody is going to like them. And Rowan, who plays daughter to Cory. What did you know about the show? Did you study the old show? I can't say I grew up with it. You did not. I can tell you didn't. But I mean, I had seen more than a few of the episodes before hand. And when I booked the series, I went back and saw every, single episode. And? What did you think? It's a pretty fantastic show. Pretty cute, right? He plays my dad. What year were you born? I was born in '01. So -- "Boy meets world" ended in 2000. So, it's really -- we're starting this show over with a brand-new generation of fans. Now you know how we feel. Okay? I want to talk to Sabrina. Sabrina, you play the best friend? I play Maya. Tell me about your character and your role. Maya getting everybody into trouble. She's the rebel of the bunch. She's Riley's best friend. And taken care of well by the Matthews family because she doesn't have a totally stable home background. That's what makes her character so cool is that she has this wild, confident, sarcastic and rebellious side. And the softer side that needs a family. And Corey, you play the other part of the trio of best friends, correct? Yeah. I play farkle. He loves learning. And my favorite part of him is his value of friendship. Farkle sounds like a funny name. I'm guessing you have fun scenes. Yeah. And hi, August. Hi. How are you? Good. Aren't you so cute. How old are you? 6. And you have a little mother in real life? Yep. And you play the little brother here. Yeah. So, what is that like? Fun. I want to say hi to ocean. Is ocean your sibling? He's my little brother. You're a good brother for saying hello to him on "Good morning America." Nice to meet you. Congratulations on the show. And last but not least, Peyton. Yeah. Look at you, you handsome devil. Thank you. Tell us about your role on the show. I play Lucas friar on the show. He's the new kid in school. He's from Austin, Texas, moving to New York City. He's a little out of his comfort zone. He comes to New York and finds a little interest in Riley. And has some good friends. There you go. There you go. So, boyfriend, friends. The show has everything. It does. No boyfriends. We haven't figured that out yet. I'm making the jump. He's very cute. Thank you. I'll be the nosey neighbor that encourages you. Loved watching it the first time around. Looking forward to this. Thank you very much. Enjoy the show, the premiere of "Girl meets world" this Friday, at 9:45 P.M. On Disney channel. And "Girl meets world" will take over "Gma live!" After the now. Coming up, we have the so-called poker princess.

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{"id":24278272,"title":"Cast of 'Girl Meets World' Takes Over Times Square","duration":"3:00","description":"The cast of the \"Boy Meets World\" spinoff answers lightning-round questions. ","url":"/GMA/video/cast-girl-meets-world-takes-times-square-24278272","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}