Caught on Tape: Officer Allegedly Fakes DUI Arrests

Utah police officer Lisa Steed is accused of arresting drivers despite passing sobriety tests.
2:18 | 01/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Caught on Tape: Officer Allegedly Fakes DUI Arrests
Now, to the highway patrol officer caught on camera, allegedly arresting people on bogus charges, including drunk driving. So many people she pulled over actually passed the breathalyzer tests. But were arrested anyway. The officer is facing a major lawsuit. And abc's john schriffen has the story. Reporter: This dash cam video is providing ammo for attorneys this morning, firing back at a former utah highway patrol officer who they say was up to no good. License and insurance, please. Reporter: At first glance, is video from 2011, appears to be a routine dui stop. Stand right there and face me. Reporter: But take a closer look. Any alcohol for you tonig? Oh, no. Reporter: Utah highway patrol officer, has the driver perform a series of sobriety tests. Three, four. Down to your side. Reporter: The lawyer says she passed all with flying colors. And yet, she was still arrested for a dui. Charges later dropped after blood tests found no alcohol in her system. Do we have a culture of corruption that occurs here? The stories are rampant. Reporter: The officer has pulled over and arrested at least 40 others on bogus dui or other charges. This man says it happened to him, when the officer claims he was speeding. She said she clocked me at 73. The fastest I was going was 62. Reporter: Like the others, he was arrested for dui. And his wife in the passenger seat was forced to find her own way home. They dropped her off at a burger king. Reporter: When it was shown he was not drunk, the charge was reduced to having anpen container of alcohol. He is part of a class-action lawsuit saying they knew she had lied in the past. She pulled over this man, who she tasered while still in her car. Her award for trooper of the year should be taken away from her. Reporter: That officer is no longer on the job. Currently being investigated on unrelated issues. Utah highway patrol refused to comment on this because it is pending legislation. Still waiting to hear back from them. That's amazing footage. John, thank you.

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{"id":18130317,"title":"Caught on Tape: Officer Allegedly Fakes DUI Arrests","duration":"2:18","description":"Utah police officer Lisa Steed is accused of arresting drivers despite passing sobriety tests.","url":"/GMA/video/caught-tape-utah-officer-lisa-steed-allegedly-fakes-18130317","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}