Celebrating National Oyster Day

Dennis Williams and Miranda Reese of the Pacific Seafood Group show how to crack into the summer favorite.
2:42 | 08/05/17

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Transcript for Celebrating National Oyster Day
Yes, you do eat them alive. National oyster day and I'm certain we're all a fan and plenty from the west coast. Joining us Dennis Williams and Miranda Ries of the pacific seafood group. Thanks for making the trip. Thank you. This smells delicious. A lot of accoutrement to add. What is the best way to spot a bad oyster in the store or restaurant. Get ahold of those oysters and the clunk test, rob. Okay, so you want to tap them together, it sounds hollow but two well living oysters, you get that rock sound. A sound like a rock. You want the rock sound. This one is dead. You have a dead oyster. You want a live one. Eat them live, especially for Paula. Did not know that. I didn't either. You're a fourth generation oyster woman. No one knows how to shuck an oyster better than you. She's been shucking a long time. I have been a shucker for a long time. Okay, so you put your glove on your nondominant hand so most cases that is going to be your left. Did you get my glove? No. It's all right. Then we put our towel in that same hand. This is alive. And the best part you'll make a pick out of this wonderful tray of which type of oyster you want. We have a couple of different selections. I like to fold it. All right so then you put the end of the oyster so where there is the tip will be pouring towards you. Put your oyster in your dominant hand. Wiggle it. The shucker. Shucking knife. Do a lot of wiggling and has this nice little pocket in the back, you'll put your knife in there. No wonder you need the glove. Don't get too excited. You'll wig it and nice and deep. Get in there. I can't get this. You'll feel it. Nope, nope. No blood today. So you're going to get in there. You need a new one, Paula. Wig it around back and forth. That knife. Pop it open. Serve it with hot sauce, vinegar or a la natural. A lot of work. Right here. Right here in that pocket. All right. So this is all like -- Get in there nice and tight. A little bit of vinegar. What's your favorite way. I'm a vinaigrette guy. Don't give up. Here, let's try again. Grab one of these. Grab a smaller guy. There you go. I think I did it. Oyster pocket. It's all loose and pretty. Oh. So good. Get in there nice and deep. "Pop news" is coming up next. I need some sauce. We'll never open these. Thank you for shucking. All fantastic. "Pop news" is coming up next. Medical staff can stand down.

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{"duration":"2:42","description":"Dennis Williams and Miranda Reese of the Pacific Seafood Group show how to crack into the summer favorite.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49051738","title":"Celebrating National Oyster Day","url":"/GMA/video/celebrating-national-oyster-day-49051738"}