Celebrity Guests Become the Hosts When 'GMA' Turns the Table

See Anthony Anderson, Sofia Vergara and Kerry Washington interview "GMA" anchors.
5:58 | 09/25/15

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Transcript for Celebrity Guests Become the Hosts When 'GMA' Turns the Table
We're gonna turn the tables here now I know your Verona zero. On the Food Network senior used to being a husband yes I am so resigned I think it's time now are to turn the table to table where the timetable you literally and figure out. I don't. And leaflets breakthrough right. Okay joining me now Good Morning America news anchor Amy robot she is an award winning journalists the fearless reporter mother of two beautiful daughters and inspiration to viewers everywhere. Amy great to have you with us this morning how are you thank you for having no thank you for Britain gracing me with your presents. Cobb. How does this turn the tables things feel so far colleagues were important in you just and lots of nice things about me so keep going and takes all the stuff you used to sit have to sit there now's interview week. All right mark my first question at my extensive research for this segment I learned that you're Jim this is a child. Did you ever win a gold medal at the Olympics. I. Well I got third place on vault once OK I thought Chrysler bought the car club here I guess Mike Gartner research worth and that extends about should have known act. Your husband Andrew soon start on Melrose Place women are around the world. Had an infatuation and the lush and a love for him. Do you while watching your show before meeting him. No I like to Jake you like Jake. Yeah I would plan on how girl but you know what. Thankfully he's in her shoe not Billy all right wasn't yeah. Art as a food you mentioned the Food Network and whatnot I hear one of your guilty pleasures its truffle Fries. A house yes with parmesan would feature that's the best it is that the best all right let's see how. Bill fun fact yes for the total curve ball right now you when I have something in common we do. You win getting caught catapulted off the USS George Washington. Right HW bush jury did you artists are George Washington law. Yet it did until I got there are advised George Bush idol and getting catapulted off of by the USS enterprise on the Mediterranean Sea. All right who feel like the car crashed right. Not yet it was unbelievable it was really he was unbelievable when you took off you know it's the G yeah. What were you selling out all this thing going to the man yes program. Are right next I have a social question for you all the way from greater view Illinois from Cyndi wealth. Wrote Cindy wolf Taylor what is on your bucket list. You know what I have always wanted to jump in an RV with all my kids and go to the Grand Canyon. I've never done it that's your bucket list that's my bucket list that's something I wanna do but it requires me getting some vacation days you hear that haven't been here. Yeah acts anyway. All right let's give Amy some vacation days than she can happen and are being with their children. Take up her bucket list as she eats a bucket of truffle Fries. Are right way me it was a pleasure to begin with you today now we're gonna turn back the tables. Well now yeah. Oh yeah. It is time not only for the premiere of modern Eileen also to play our game this week yesterday we turn the tables and you're doing it again today it was Anthony Anderson. And now we're turning the tables and you become their. Report obviously you live and I agree ready every now turning and all OK. You crazy. Can cook up a and here's to doing reside in looks a pre pockets find it was funny I'm not. But the fact that fact that you. I have to save money seeing a guy OK Good Morning America joining us now Linda is that fabulous Lara Spencer I think different bombing in such an anti morning calling. Thanks thanks for the copy arcade laugh how do you have worn many interesting outfits in news showed let's look up field them how to win either on the garner. What does starved for husbands and are you that's. The idea is that that was me. No they're just a few and I am weighing in at night did you'll need is a our own economy lunch hour about how do you know I'm not sure what. Going to be this year Sophia give any suggestions to know you know what I don't really like there's an app for Halloween because Levy when you're an actor always liken it cost him. He's not like I try not to to do that I didn't and I don't like and everybody goes on Halloween something to stay home but. I'll let you know and got. Yes I am sure you don't do grade Kelly I walk that should we turn the tables back again so that I can kick. Rights are turning the tables and change he's not just. Yeah. And okay between the first is from yours to have here. They want an out ate it up to you to come up with a role for yourself on scandal. What is the only menu that you should answer well because Sean May be watching. You got in all there yet ally independence and I think I know why they're asking this because they found me. At Halloween and I would that Bolivia and hope I beer you're you're evil twin sister yeah. Speaking of your age and they're all the way I think that the tribe. Opened this nobody and I but you handle on. Anyway I figured OK and I was a good behavior it's handled them. That's my job. Never cheered as that and question posted on Jimmy's face you have such beauty inside and out I agree. What one thing did your mother and father due to knee Q who you are today. All that's so sweet and to be kind. Parents talk about the three r.s. Mine were all about the three days about being disciplined. About the termination and don't lord. So those are three other. And I. Haven't you read that in in my house you know look me up thank you for bad army that has to have been a lot worse.

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{"id":34034826,"title":"Celebrity Guests Become the Hosts When 'GMA' Turns the Table","duration":"5:58","description":"See Anthony Anderson, Sofia Vergara and Kerry Washington interview \"GMA\" anchors.","url":"/GMA/video/celebrity-guests-hosts-gma-turns-table-34034826","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}