Celebrity trainer shares full-body Tabata interval workout

Kick off your New Year's resolutions with this calorie-blasting interval workout from Erin Oprea, who trains stars like Carrie Underwood.
13:21 | 12/22/17

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Transcript for Celebrity trainer shares full-body Tabata interval workout
Everybody I Aaron how have I mean every trainer here in Nashville and welcome to my living room you guys are here to join me break the bottom workout when my favorite work out strapped by an eight and a huge. Download every body act and lets you rate to have them but this is for all levels that this afternoon to you be ghetto mama all relate to advance. Let's do that. Are right here is the bottom out are why I'm getting hit start. Recap we have 102 burst exercises going to be jumping lines and OK forget the re do. Why. I think that if you guys and you're back to you I think they join in the dumping like this or you can do that. Lunch split if you need to hold until wall at cable. No problem just keep moving got either way it's all that haven't bought and look at the best they can't burn calories it helped me. This press have. Next what we get flattened out. Brown C. Out job. Yes. And it you don't want to talk. A lot and making as good or sit backing your heels and Jessica don't get back. Black. Or jump. Either way. I can't. Back jumping landed. Two why. Oh. Inning on an open mind yeah. Or we outlined sweat. We're just. Fantastic about sick map we get three. Do you. One thought. Edged up. All the way down. They both pretty lay. Do regulate them with a price tag hard work. We're half way. The finishing to bottom number one half black. Open minded but do it. They burning at guys. And here breathing. We'll yeah. It's flat and up next. Shake map take about. We got. It is now always fit. At this. Boortz I can't. Last wannabe. Yeah. Back to look it is. Her outlook there. 36. Coop. Last around. Brown day to king. And yeah. We're in every guys can just walk. All of air. But at number one. Can't sleep he did it keep it up fat cats this. If the bottom number two world market moody now paint that can either use Angel points. Without course as more advanced version is going to be adding a little weight to act on the deployment and historic we're doing this beast pleases on the eighth. So go on all or her hands and knees. That you less laid out here. And down. Make it just point and downs other side that you make unity. Down so we're not listening and I like that doesn't work actually have to really vote we need them booty. That your duty that you got soldier or nice and tight on me. Don't was accurate accurate and I sat nice tight booties squeezes. That's not want. Gets around to innovate if nominated other leg. Or she. Down. It. That should be honest if you're really focusing honestly. You've only got expect it. An and rats. Background Korean port of this same thing and then browns got their eight break he doesn't do it different. Last night up down. These are my games here it's worked out exhibiting some crazy. Okay. And Riley turned pet hair and sharing is caring so look like it. Take it out. Yeah. Bad but I didn't live to be a little black dress. The deal. My guys duet it's going six. Second now that happen. To us. Winds. That. Now rounds five and eight we're going to what's called hate look live here hold are at white actor slot for a papal. Please. Blaze. That is. That doesn't work. Make your butt as we ease back hair don't dropping eight keep it up past. The only three Beckett. Can't stress. The only way out to. Fly. And fly it back. And on that but yes. I am. Ever you don't have to be is an ankle weights that's completely opt out. They work very well even without. Want to hold good old. Two more. 1 morning snapped. Up so bad. We've got. Why. Black don't drop sent me. That a back. Here. Not least. Passed want to complete this. So back to Clinton as much our rate but it definitely is our inability. And I got last one don't let it drop. You're gonna want to let spending down. You've got four seconds. Never too late king but it. Ready for the bottom number three. Our right packet that upper body now our inner arms are ready for that strap was arrested burger you live work and make it arms act. Around one. Let's jobs brand to its unity market they're gonna look at that. Work. So here we go out I'm hitting star. We had 102. Pundits one. As round one is pushups you got Boortz second let's get ready to. Watch out. And let's count so here just good let me here or is nice since high. Yeah if you come up. Drive east near you pipe. You know quite content. Are doing now levels of it if you want you of all don't all agree. It was you that press carry with whatever our duty now. We're gonna be doing little more gets here up on your hands. Danger elbows push him straight base your hands toward your feet big drought those questions right we're not competent air. Then straighten. We're working the backs of our forgiveness triceps. 21. Death. Don't back the push ups and break out. As India here with me and you can either go to your knees. Or until wall suddenly elevated make it does a little easier. Warm in the most important thing. Grab somebody and kill you misery like company actually as a witness what kind of we got. This three rounds. The shut. And street. These looks so easy. I promise contracts that took on I half. Eight that. You got all work. 32. Ads. We're halfway through it feel so bad that it. That can do this. We got beat the clock. Nearly had a point. Making air breathing. The only eight got pet. If you are Catholic and you can always struck Kearney if you try to start and I toes. And yet are good here is to make you completed. And now. Come on guys we can do is worth and any good duet. It's expected to and other current and one of beach as we can do it. You yeah. Last round of pushups. Bringing pain to come out. I went out. Or respect it. For now those tactics now. Don't quit don't quit I know you want to. Don't do it you can finish it out this drop. This is the end of the workout and it's only eight hints. You can do anything for six seconds now. It. Sure seeing. Backed up.

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{"duration":"13:21","description":"Kick off your New Year's resolutions with this calorie-blasting interval workout from Erin Oprea, who trains stars like Carrie Underwood.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51955440","title":"Celebrity trainer shares full-body Tabata interval workout","url":"/GMA/video/celebrity-trainer-shares-full-body-tabata-interval-workout-51955440"}