Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson shares workout moves to do at home on 'GMA'

The fitness guru demonstrates some of her top workout moves for toning and getting in shape in the new year that you can do at home.
3:00 | 01/09/18

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Transcript for Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson shares workout moves to do at home on 'GMA'
Back now with your guide to toning up in 2018. Trainer Tracy Anderson and some her fitness friends are here to help us. She's worked with Gwyneth paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and you have a new book out. It's called "Total teen." I want to thank you for joining us this morning. Helping us get fit for 2018. You're an advocate for staying fit no matter what the age. I know the book is call the "Total teen." You have a son who is 19. Yes. Even your 5-year-old daughter Penelope is in on this. She loves to move. But it's so important because teaching your kids to own their self-image is something that I think that you, you know as adults we need to really nurture and I've worked for -- with women for so many years where I'm helping them transform their self-image so this is a book for everyone really whether you need to recheck yourself and kind of go back to your roots where you lost yourself physically or just as you're coming into your physical self, staying connected to it and knowing how to care for it. Even though it's called "Total teen," this book is for everybody. I need to go back to school sometimes. I'm trying to avoid it personally. But some celebrity, J. Lo, Gwyneth have these incredible strong legs. You'll show us something that you do to help them that we can do ourself sflgs absolutely. So we'll start with the leg move. Of course, I believe in lots of leg moves, but we're going to start here and there's lots in the book so down like -- nice. That's really impressive. Wow. When I cramp up that'll be even more impressive. Now you're going to lean forward on to your -- the front hands, lift your back leg and lift your right arm and kick it to the side. You'll whack me in the head with that long leg, I know. Just kick right over me. So wait transfers are something that I work. Ah. Oh, that's the old gluteus right there. Yes. Oh, that's awesome. That's really good is it a lot of these movements are designed to basically make teens feel really comfortable in their own skin so, you know, really doing this kind of abstract men so they'll know where their bum is. You will and make sure you have plenty of room if you're going to do it in a crowded area and also chiseled abs. Everybody wants chiseled abs. So we'll get into a -- wow. People are all about the abs. So we'll get into a plank with your hips down nice and basically take the right knee over to the left elbow. I love to use the legs as a lever of resistance hanging against the ab dom national muscles where you're challenged to keep your butt down and keep your spine long and lift up out of your hands and shoulder girdle. You feel that. Core big time. It looks like pretty easy for you. No, it's not. You've been working out since I saw you last. Just trying to make it look easy but when the show is over I'll sleep like a baby. And we have something else too. Strong arms. Yes. Our audience is going to help us with this. You guys going to help. Everybody is going to do this with strong arms. So I really believe in, yeah, using your own arms as resistance, as well. So all you're going to do is hold your arms out to the side, shoulders down and retate palms forward and then your palms down. That'st. Good job. Nice. And down. That will tone your arms. Like you're going around a basketball so you want a little bit of range there. Exactly. This will tone your airports. If we do it for five minutes you put on some music and really like getting into it, right. You can run, back and forth. You could be in the club. A new dance move. Whoo. I like it. I would like to see you make that happen. I feel you could make this cool. I've been trying to make it cool for years. I get made fun of. Your arms look incredible. Just like that. And also could you leave us with some words of wisdom for 2018 because the start of a new year, people really have those resolutions that they want to stick to. Yes. Do you have any words of wisdom. For 1018 I say no complaining. No complaining. So when you feel like you know you want -- like me this morning I had to get up at 3:30, 4:00 in the morning to be on the air but I get to be on "Good morning America." I get to talk about things so you need to shift your perspective and not go for the complaints all of the time. What you don't have access to. You can make a real difference if you just shift your mind-set. Thank you. If you're not trying to change it you can't complain I. Keep the challenge going while doing that twist. Don't stop. Keep doing this. We have no complainses. That's what we got and Tracy's book "Total teen" is out now. Make sure you check it out. The book is for everybody and

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{"id":52226156,"title":"Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson shares workout moves to do at home on 'GMA' ","duration":"3:00","description":"The fitness guru demonstrates some of her top workout moves for toning and getting in shape in the new year that you can do at home. ","url":"/GMA/video/celebrity-trainer-tracy-anderson-shares-workout-moves-home-52226156","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}