Champions of 'Dancing With the Stars' Live in Times Square

Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough are joined by their fellow contestants after being crowned the winners of season 21.
6:53 | 11/25/15

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Transcript for Champions of 'Dancing With the Stars' Live in Times Square
There they are, the "Dancing with the stars" finalists from season 21 -- can it be? Season 21 kicking off our ballroom bash with them right now. That's right. Doing that and all the finalists here after flying through the night and talk to them after this look back at how Derek and bindi became the champs. Bindi and Derek. She did it. Bindi Irwin dancing away with the mirror ball. The new champions of "Dancing with the stars." Her win with six time champ Derek hough caps an emotional season where she drew strength from her late father Steve Irwin and all began with 13 contestants and nail-biting eliminations. This is awful. Whittled down to the final three. ? Need a hero ? American hero alek skarlatos showed the most growth all season. ? Everybody ? And backstreet boy nick Carter gave bindi a run for her money. But in the end, bindi just ul codn't be beat. Bindi deserved it. She kicked butt. Reporter: Her shining spirit brighter than the mirror ball on the dance floor. I can't believe that I'm here. Just thank you. And we are joined now by the finalist bindi, sharna, alek, nick and sharna. The 21st season and the best by far. Even the judges said the same thing, congratulation, bindi. Thank you so much! You said it's changed your life. How has it? It surely has changed my life and I feel like I've grown as a person. I mean not only have I learned all about the world of sequins and sparkles and high heels, but also to be blessed enough to work with this beautiful family. I feel like my family has just been extended. Even more than animals. Now I have this gorgeous family here. You know, this experience will forever be a part of my life and will live into my heart. Derek is such a big part of it. A little tired but he'll be back out in our 8:30 hour. Your mom terry, I know, terry -- Mom. How proud she is of you. I love you, mom. Terry, has she always attacked life with such zes it. You know bindi Irwin is the most optimistic person on planet Earth and I hope it rubs off on everybody. But we never knew she could dance. So, this is really been an extraordinary journey for someone who didn't know that tiny dancer was with her and I'm very proud of her. Wonderful to see you and the other family members there every single week cheering on your loved one. Nick, you were the epitome of a gentleman last night saying that bindi Irwin deserved every bit of it. Absolutely. I mean, this -- this entire season has been something that I'm going to remember and I'll tell you, like we talk about it all the time, the friendships, the bonds that we have on this show, it's unexplainable like it's something that we're always going to cherish to be quite honest. I know you'll cherish the friendship you have with that woman right there, sharna, she and all the professional dancers, I say this every single season, what you all do and it's just you don't get enough credit. You really don't get enough credit but you should. Sharna, I know that you were a bit of a backstreet boys fan in the day. So -- Who, me. Maybe just a little bit. Maybe just a little bit. Okay. We might have a little surprise for you a little bit later on. Really? Secrets. Oh. I just got excited. Nice tease there. Alex, everyone who comes on "Dancing with the stars" says they couldn't imagine being on "Dancing with the stars." I think literally in your case it's true. How are you going to top this year? Your guess is as good as mine. Imean, this is has been the craziest ride I've ever had and so much fun meeting people like this on the show has just -- I mean, been icing on the cake. You're going to keep on dancing? Yeah, actually. Yeah. I am. Going on tour. So cool. And Lindsay is going to go on tour with you. You're a newbie but seems like you've been here all along and all the judges were saying your freestyle is something they'll remember for quite some time. You taught alek how to dance. What did he teach you, Lindsay? He taught me so much not just about dancing but about life. He has taken every challenge that's come his way and just taken it and done the best that he can with it and I've learned so much from him. He's been inspiring to a lot of people this year. Now, Carlos, all of us were wondering how this would work out, you and Alexa competing against each other through the season. How did it work out? Did it change anything in your marriage. Surprisingly it strengthened it. There's such a trust we had to have doing this show. We're dancing with our partner, some dances like the rumba can be kind of sexual. You don't know what's going on but we had to build that trust and like strengthen it and our marriage is so strong right now, I'm so thankful? Witney's boyfriend trusted you too. Oh, yeah. Fiance now. I know! Whoo! Come on. So is it going to be a little bit of a "Dancing with the stars" reunion at the wedding. Oh, absolutely. Actually Lindsay is my maid of honor. So excited. I hope everyone can be there. I'm the deejay actually. I just found that out today, yeah. Again, congratulations and speaking of music, this is for you, sharna. You know, we know these posters you've had up of nick maybe a little worn so we thought maybe you could use a new one, come on out. Come on out. Get here. I mean, I mean -- Right now -- I mean, I've got the real thing right here. That's right. I'll take it. Did you know your man had those kind of moves? Did you know he had those moves? He's always had those moves just refined them thanks to sharna. He's come a long way. Thank you, sharna. We have a gift for you. You have a baby boy coming. Let's bring it on out. What is that? Oh, boy. Born to dance.

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{"duration":"6:53","description":"Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough are joined by their fellow contestants after being crowned the winners of season 21.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35410191","title":"Champions of 'Dancing With the Stars' Live in Times Square","url":"/GMA/video/champions-dancing-stars-live-times-square-35410191"}