Channing Tatum Reveals New NOLA Bar

People magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" discusses success of his popular Bourbon Street business.
2:42 | 02/04/13

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Transcript for Channing Tatum Reveals New NOLA Bar
I do. From robin roberts to channing tatum. The biggest stars on the planet here in new orleans. Including the reigning "people's" sexyist man alive. A new movie, a new bar on bourbon street. We met there for catchup. He's a movie star. Dubbed "people's" sexiest man alive. Now he's opening place for friends and fans. A new bar on bourbon street, called saints and sinners. Is this -- was it a labor of love? Is this something you always had percolating? You and your buddies? I don't think anybody can ever have the idea of bar on bourbon. It's insanity. Reporter: Or perhaps it's channing tatum's gulf coast roots coming through. I group in mississippi about five years. This was the biggest city I had ever been in. People everywhere. People throwing beads and girls doing insanity stuff. I was like, that's just what i want to do when I grow up. Reporter: Of course, the 32-year-old actor grew up to do a whole lot more. He's doing well. Reporter: His latest role is in "side effects" a psychological thriller out this friday, which also happens to feature yours truly as, what else, a news anchor. I'm honored to grace the screen with you. It's your movie. I just had a bit part. Reporter: I said to steven, let's get that guy channing a His big role in "magic mike. Jts. Magic mike. Magic mike. Magic mike. Reporter: My coanchor and i, lara spencer, had a show this summer. I would like to think we single handedly gave you about 40 of the box office receipts. He's admittedly a very busy man. He's about to get much, much busier. The day is now there. They're counting down when the little one arrives. It's crazy. Jenna's been, knock on wood, pretty healthy through it all. We're terrified but really excited. I'm going to have a few drinks here at my bar tonight as one of my last hurrahs. Reporter: That sounds like great idea. Thank you. I'll probably be seeing you here at a very, very, very bad hour. Bring the cameras then. Reporter: "Side effects"

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{"id":18399219,"title":"Channing Tatum Reveals New NOLA Bar","duration":"2:42","description":"People magazine's \"Sexiest Man Alive\" discusses success of his popular Bourbon Street business.","url":"/GMA/video/channing-tatum-interview-2013-star-reveals-orleans-bar-18399219","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}