Tatum 'So Good at Changing Diapers' After Birth of Girl

"White House Down" actor discusses his new daughter, role in high-action thriller.
3:45 | 06/25/13

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Transcript for Tatum 'So Good at Changing Diapers' After Birth of Girl
We're catching up on new orleans, et cetera. He's here. The "heat index" never hotter. "White house down" opens this weekend. It's from the director of "independence day." And it pits channing and jamie foxx, against someone taking over 1600 pennsylvania avenue. Help is not coming. John, they called an air strike on the white house. The vice president is dead. You just need to get out of there. No. They cannot do that. They still have hostages. I'm so sorry. I was wrong about you. But there's nothing you can do, john. If you stay there, you're going to die. You have to listen to me. Tell -- you tell me how much time I have. You only have eight minutes left to get them out. That was painful to watch yourself. But we established there that you're not just saving the free world. Not just saving the president. You're looking to save your daughter. I understand that this is a role that you initially maybe didn't want. I get a lot of odd scripts, where people try to put a gun in my hand, a cop or a soldier. I like the big, huge action movies like "die hard" and "independence day." I saw your first meeting with him and you were totally in. Completely. You got each other. Yeah. U know from meeting somebody opinion movies are a direct mirror of a director. If they have style, the movie will have style. If they're funny, they will be funny. And if the white house has to get taken down -- there's a medical term for people who like to destroy precious, large things, he has that. It wasn't just a tight bond for you and roland. You and jamie. Not just on the screen. You could feel what seems like a real bond forged on the screen. Completely, yeah. In the movie, we're two people that are from different worlds. And ultimately end up understanding each other. In real life, me and jamie got on the first minute we met each other. Both southern boys. It's easy. And roland let you freelance? And jamie loves that stuff. He'll chew up the scenery with improv. I was trying to keep up. There is funny stuff in the movie. He fell in one of the scenes and crushes me with the rocket launcher in the head. And we kept it in the movie. We talked about the beginning of the show, top of the 8:00 hour, congratulations again. Thank you, man. The birth of everly. We talked in new orleans a few months ago. She was on the way. What has the change been in your life just 26 days in? Sleep. All of the normal things. I've never been so excited when something poos. I just get so amped up because I'm in the game now. You know, the mom does so much of the early work and those first few weeks. I'm like, put me in the game. I've got so good at changing the diapers. How is jenna doing? Good. She's tough as nails. Quickly, did it help, the fact that -- did it help you connect to this character? You know, we found out at the end of this movie that we were pregnant. Or she was pregnant. That would be weird. Yeah. It was kind of odd I did my first movie I have a daughter in. And you know, sort of we were having a daughter. You know? It's crazy. That's terrific. Hey, seriously. Congratulations. If you don't mind, will you stick around? Emily, the woman who plays your daughter in the movie, will be here, revealing secrets about one channing tatum. I want to tell you, "white house down" in theaters nationwide this friday.

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{"id":19481660,"title":"Tatum 'So Good at Changing Diapers' After Birth of Girl","duration":"3:45","description":"\"White House Down\" actor discusses his new daughter, role in high-action thriller.","url":"/GMA/video/channing-tatum-interview-2013-white-house-star-film-19481660","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}