Charlie Gibson reveals his favorite 'GMA' guest

The former "GMA" anchor talks about interviewing Kermit the Frog and shares his enchilada casserole recipe that has remained a viewer favorite.
11:26 | 04/12/17

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Transcript for Charlie Gibson reveals his favorite 'GMA' guest
and we want to say good morning to catholic charities in Trenton, New Jersey. Wonderful for them to be with us this morning. We're happy to have our wonderful studio audience here, as well. Do you see that you have this delicacy in front of you. Do you know on the "Gma" website it is the number one recipe and the man who brought it to us is here, Charlie Gibson, ladies and gentlemen. Come on out, Charlie. Come up here. Get up here. Come on, Charlie. Charlie, Charlie. Charlie, Charlie. Charlie, Charlie. Charlie. We have a chair here. It is so reassuring to know my legacy on the show is a taco casserole. Would you please join us up here, Charlie? Could you -- I want to get another hug. Mwah. Ooh. I was very impressed -- oh, hi, darling. Hi, George. It's not just any casserole. Doritos, enchilada. The easiest thing in the world to make. You can get it on the website and I get a dime every time you do. It's nice to see you're still doing the show five days a week. Yeah it's really great. It's nice to come back. This is very nice. You are out there this morning recruiting people to come in here. I thought that was -- Please. I love the fact that you take pictures with people during the commercial breaks. They were all sitting on your lap. Did any tell them what they wanted for Christmas. This man would stay downstairs and would take a picture with everyone and wasn't it great when people could woman back over the years and showing pictures when they had children. I had stock in kodak. Kodak still existed. What's kodak? Let's take a trip down memory lane. Let's take a trip down memory lane. You've had fun types here over the years and do you remember this moment, Charlie Gibson? And roll the videotape. Okay, baby. Mwah. Jack Hanna. ??? This will be ??? Ladies and gentlemen, the father of the bride. When she got married, yep, yep, yep, yep. When I left, when I left they asked me of all the geoffs that you've had on the program in 19 years, 19 years of getting up early, they said of all the guests we've ever had on the show you can have one back. Who would you like to have. What did you say? Kermit the frog. Somebody tweeted me and when I said -- somebody -- I had put a picture up early in the morning, two of of us and the love coming your way and someone said is Kermit coming too? This is what I wanted to show you this. Is what I wanted to show you, the fun you had. Four, three, two, one. Oh. Your wife was so upset with you about that. This was before we did a week of shows in Australia and I walked into the room two days before the show was to start broadcasting from Australia and all the staff was gathered around a monitor and I said, what are you guys looking at and they had gone out to this bungee jumping place in -- in -- in new Zealand, is it Australia? It's Australia. Anyway, so and I said -- I turned to Joan Lunden and said would you do that and Joan said, well, chgs and I thought, oh, god, I'm going to have to do it myself and so we did it. We did it off that bridge. I will forever -- I remember they don't let you look down. You have to look out or you'll back off then they count you down, three, two, one. Oh, my goodness. I went out there on the ledge and I said -- I did the good morning America, we used to do faces in those days and I went out there and said I hope this is not the last time I ever say good morning, America. Good morning America. Can I show you my favorite photo, though, the favorite, the photo? Oh. I have that -- Did you all see this? Backstage, right? That was -- we had just introduced a news conference. It was going on forever. A boring one, huh? It was a little boring. I won't tell you which president it was. But his initials are U.S. Grant, but it was -- well, you know. You're tired at 10:00. You're exhausted. Diane completely gave up. I'm trying. Charlie, you came in at 7 -- you were revved up this morning. I thought you were going to come in and take over the guessing. No, no, no. You own this thing now. No, it is -- you guys get up every morning -- I forget how it is. 3:21 I used to get up. It was back time so I walked out the door at 4:00. And people always say, aren't you tired when you do this show and the answer, of course, is yes. You told me the best line you get invited to everything but you're too tired to go to anything. And that's true. Built-in excuse. So how -- This thing swivels. Big budget. How is life? Life is terrific. Life is very good. Four grandchildren now. As a matter of fact I'm with a young lady who is my daughter's au pair in Seattle. And she's here seeing New York which is the reason I came in. And I have one grandchild in Minneapolis. They're too darned far away. But it is great to -- they're all -- they're all wonderful? You will forever be "Gma" royalty. Ah. Charlie Gibson. You're kind. You're kind. It is -- I always say to people, it is such a privilege to do this program. The best named program in the history of television and to be able to say good morning to the entire country is a rare treat. And it's almost become the new York giants show, Jesse and Michael. I think it's great. And it's what a great basketball tournament, women's basketball -- I know you were cheering them on. Mississippi state, I know for you, it was great and Gino oeno auriemma was such a gentleman about that whole thing. I miss talking sports with you. I saw these hats over here that some guys are saying hail, Charlie. I say hail to you, Charlie. You are the man. Thank you. Would you do us the honor because someone also said they miss your calm, reassuring voice. Can you introduce our next guest. You want me to introduce -- Yes. Okay, well, you know our next guest from "Jane the virgin." Are there any of those left? Our Charlie. On television, not many. That's for sure. Now she has a trailblazing new series on Netflix, please welcome Kate del Castillo. Thank you. Yay! We love you, baby. Thank you. I love you. How are you? Thank you. Mwah. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Charlie giving up his seat. Are those nachos? What is it? They're doritos, enchilada. Oh, nice. It's on our website. And Charlie made up the recipe. Oh, wow. Nice. Good for the morning. Good. For a hangover. Enchiladas is good. Kate, looking at the internet last night, you have a new show. It's a groundbreaking show. It's a Spanish language original drama for Netflix "Ingobernable." "Ingobernable." That was good. She has a video that you can watch. She teaches you how to say the word, the name of the show and I just screwed it up. No, you didn't. The video like six types. That was actually good. It's even hard in English. It's ungovernable is the translation, it's hard to English too so good for you. How did you say it -- "Ingobernable." "Ingobernable." "Ingobernable." "Ingobernable." Everybody together. All: "Ingobernable." So, how did this feel for you? This is a groundbreaking series so how did it feel to be a part of it. You know what, they 12ik with me and I'm grateful for Netflix. They could have changed the actress 1re fast you know what that was the best way to go and they stick with me after all the problems I've been having in Mexico, so we couldn't shoot in Mexico City which is the leading, you know, is the leading role is Mexico in this show, so it was very challenging for all of us for Netflix, for argos and being an actor you want to play all your scenes, so it was a little frustrating but at the end, you know, I think the crossover that everybody talks about when you do it in your own language. Challenging also because you do a lot of action. A lot of action. We want to show people. Trouble. Trouble. But some people are saying you are the female Jason Bourne in this role. I love that! What can I say? I love that, yeah. It's just hard for a woman, you know, to have those kind of roles, so for me it's really, really amazing. I love action. It's like my little secret. I've done a lot of drama in my life. I have a lot of drama in my life but I love action. It's my real thing. I love it. Just to do loving doing my stunts and everything I can. That's all I love. You've handled the drama in your life so very well with a lot of grace. Thanks, robin. I've been trying to put myself together to put my little pieces back together. But I'm good. I'm good. The heart is good. Yes. Much better, thank you very much. You're very welcome. Thank you for coming in. Thank you. You can watch "Ingobernable"

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{"duration":"11:26","description":"The former \"GMA\" anchor talks about interviewing Kermit the Frog and shares his enchilada casserole recipe that has remained a viewer favorite.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46740943","title":"Charlie Gibson reveals his favorite 'GMA' guest","url":"/GMA/video/charlie-gibson-reveals-favorite-gma-guest-46740943"}