Charlize Theron and Gillian Flynn Go to 'Dark Places'

The actress and author sit down to talk about their new film.
2:26 | 08/07/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Charlize Theron and Gillian Flynn Go to 'Dark Places'
We are going to go to some dark places now, ha is the latest book brought to the big screen by Gillian Flynn author of "Gone girl" that stars Charlize Theron and nick watt sat down with both of them. I was 8 the night they were killed. Reporter: It's called "Dark places" and that's where it takes you. Constantly watching people unravel. People not trusting other people. Reporter: A date movie? Well, if you're dating me it's a great date movie. Reporter: Maybe that's why Charlize Theron is constantly drawn to dark roles like this one. May you rot in hell. Reporter: Remember she won an Oscar for "Monster" and "Mad max: Fury road" was far from light and fluffy. Her co-start plays murder mystery obsessive in "Dark places" and is the sole survivor of a family massacre. It's for an audience that likes good storytelling which is very rare to find these days. Reporter: And likes to see Nicholas holt with a bad haircut. I thought you were talking about my haircut. Reporter: I loved your hair in the movie. You must be a Justin Bieber fan. Reporter: Writer Gillian Flynn is responsible for all this. The devil worshiper and deep twist, Flynn gave us "Gone girl." I feel like I could disappear. Reporter: You know, until last month she'd never actually seen anyone Reading her blockbuster best-seller. I never ever saw a single person Reading "Gone girl" so I had to tap, tap, tap. Reporter: Did you? I did. What did the person say. I like it too. No, no, no, I wrote it and she looked at me like I was -- she was just kind of, okay, whatever, crazy person then she turned over and looked at the author photo then I was like -- I was just standing there hike a weirdo. Reporter: "Dark places" make me feel like there is a weirdo inside Gillian Flynn. I pride myself on guessing what happened. I didn't. Well done. That comes from not outlining or writing in any sort of efficient manner. When I was writing it I was 30 pages from the end going like, I wonder who did it. Reporter: Believe me, you won't figure it out before the end either so don't try. Just enjoy it. For "Good morning America," nick watt, ABC news, Los Angeles. You done? And "Dark places" in secretary theaters right now.

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{"duration":"2:26","description":"The actress and author sit down to talk about their new film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32944044","title":"Charlize Theron and Gillian Flynn Go to 'Dark Places'","url":"/GMA/video/charlize-theron-gillian-flynn-dark-places-32944044"}