'Charming, Honest' Dog Runs for Public Office

Frank James has offered his dog as a write-in candidate for Whatcom County prosecutor in Washington state.
2:29 | 08/04/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Charming, Honest' Dog Runs for Public Office
Prosecutor for -- county Washington is seen reelection for the eleventh time -- he's running unopposed it sounds like your typical sleepy election until. You hear who's running as a write in candidate or rather what's running and why. -- market -- of our Seattle affiliate has the story. -- at underground riding candidate for Joaquin county prosecutor. A job statement cracker and has held for ten terms he's seeking eleventh term on Tuesday running unopposed. And that didn't sit well with -- -- -- Darker -- attorney -- No opposition to -- -- finished -- for other people think about running. We spoke with frank James by phone he's traveling out of state -- and put your name in -- could have. A lot better look at. You know he's not real candidates. Let you know -- shocking he saw news they've got a lot of character and Canada. Teachers I think we'd like this you politicians. James says -- is writing challenge is to make -- point political figures can only be held accountable if someone runs against them. Others agreed elections -- -- chance for the voters to connect. Conducted job review and if there's no candidate we don't get to look at the issues that the county prosecutor's office steals and -- we don't get to assess if he's been doing a good job or not. -- Sweeney is a political blogger and -- his first endorsement I look forward to voting for him. In the general election as wealthy but -- -- candidates real or fake cause extra work for election officials anything that slows down the process is time and that's money and it's cost to the taxpayers but in an odd twist what can county's auditor is using the dogs run for office to prove another point. Twice county others have asked the legislature to require writing candidates to register with the state. Eighteen days before an election to cut back on frivolous write -- candidates the bill hasn't gotten any traction with -- -- says he doesn't expect to win but he thinks the -- will fly. In this election. In Bellingham -- market which could Californians. That's true love that -- you know retail politicking. He's a star I likes a pat on -- easy to bribe to Celtics is a milk bone or two we follow this election including whether you win -- But I think it's like to prove the point that this that and I bet if there were a lot of people on Capitol Hill -- were running up against animals. I -- the animals would win during mid term they might otherwise. -- -- --

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{"id":24832134,"title":"'Charming, Honest' Dog Runs for Public Office","duration":"2:29","description":"Frank James has offered his dog as a write-in candidate for Whatcom County prosecutor in Washington state.","url":"/GMA/video/charming-honest-dog-runs-public-office-24832134","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}