Chef Roy Yamaguchi Celebrates Fusion Cuisine

The chef shows viewers how to add Hawaiian flair to your favorite dishes using products from King's Hawaiian.
3:39 | 06/16/16

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Transcript for Chef Roy Yamaguchi Celebrates Fusion Cuisine
This week marks the first ever national hawaiian foods week anticipate Jesse you're helping us celebrate courtesy of our sponsor king's hawaiian and I said where's the food. It was a post tape yesterday. No food for you but I got to cook meanwhile, with chef Roy Yamaguchi who's credited with creating hawaiian fusion cuisine bringing a hawaiian twist to some breakfast dishes. Take a look. Chef, thank you very much. We've got our leis on. Aloha. Aloha. A huge fan of yours personally. Tell people at home what is hawaiian fusion cuisine. It's about, number one, we like to use all the ingredients from hi high because if you have great farmers, you know, growers, ranchers, fishermen so using that is number one but, of course, you can use other items like Macadamia nuts or, of course, using the hawaiian sweet bread to be in that mood and feeling for hawaiian fusion but, you know, we want to promote all the great things that we have in Hawaii and the bounty of produce and fish and of course meats. It is all good. You're about to make a sweet bread pudding here using traditional hawaiian flavors and ingredients. Help me out here. What do we got? So, okay. I'm working for you. Yeah, yeah, so we whisk the eggs with sugar so creaming the eggs and what we want to do is scald the milk and with this we have the hawaiian vanilla beans and, of course, cinnamon and then once we get that done, what we'll do is butter, ramekins and that's good right in. And then, of course, after you get scald the milk pour that in and whisk it all together. And vanilla. Whisk that. Oh, yeah. That becomes the baste, the cream and to that what we do is get ramekins and have hawaiian sweet bread that we have toasted, butter ramekin. I just had this normally and it's delicious. You know what, this bread is just great as it is. Some of the best bread in the world. We put mangoes in here and mangoes in the sweet bread and we pour the cream mixture that you've done right into the ramekin. Just like this. Beautiful. Okay. And then -- Soaking the bread. Soaking the bread. What we want to do is build it so this is a steamer and pour some water and then what we do is put this in the oven at 350 and they'll tart to bake. Is this is the finished product? You have breakfast items like an avocado bacon sandwich. This is the hawaiian sweet bread. Sweet bread toast. Toast. Incredible. So what gives these two dishes their hawaiian flair? We have a lot of ingredients and macadamias -- again, we want to use, Macadamia nuts and stuff like that but using all these great products and sweet bread is what we like to use because it has flavor and it's going back to the hopper. A lot of great flavors within the bread itself. Not like eating an ordinary piece of bread and, of course, a great sandwich and great sandwich to make because we have avocado, chipotle sauce and some sausage we can use if you like spam, I suggest -- Why not? For this dish. Enjoy it. Chef Yamaguchi, it was a pleasure. I was saying I cooked with him and was just whisking eggs with him. You did get to eat. I did get the food. Can Y you can get all these on on Yahoo! We'll be right back. "Gma's" aloha breakfast

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{"duration":"3:39","description":"The chef shows viewers how to add Hawaiian flair to your favorite dishes using products from King's Hawaiian.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39893239","title":"Chef Roy Yamaguchi Celebrates Fusion Cuisine","url":"/GMA/video/chef-roy-yamaguchi-celebrates-fusion-cuisine-39893239"}