Is Chelsea Clinton Hillary's Secret Weapon?

The former first daughter has become vital to the campaign and will introduce her mother tonight at the Democratic National Convention.
4:18 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for Is Chelsea Clinton Hillary's Secret Weapon?
Take a look at this photo. It's actually time-lapsed showing how everyone got set up for "Gma" starting at 4 A.M. It is the master work of hank right here. Oh. There's hank. Hey, hank. Good job. And it shows how much work it takes to get this all set up. We want to Chang our entire crew, been doing this for two weeks, last two weeks of the conventions. There they are right there. It does take a village to pull this off. We could not do it without you guys. Thank you, one and all. I speak for everyone when I say, you are a team captain. Thank you, George. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for the leadership. I mean that. There is a lot of excitement for what will happen in the room tonight, both Hillary and Chelsea Clinton take center stage. Chelsea giving the biggest speech of her life introducing her mother for the first woman nominated for president on a major party ticket. Joining us for more is cokie Roberts. This is your 22nd convention. True. And, of course, all America has watched Chelsea Clinton grow up at conventions starting when she was that awkward tweener and -- The braces. Terrible age for your parents to go into the national spotlight. But here she is, this sophisticated woman who we get to see as a grown-up and hear as a grown-up. How important is she for her mother's campaign? I think she's quite important because Hillary Clinton has a very hard time relating to people, even -- if she was sitting here she could do it but has a terrible time up there and Chelsea Clinton being able to talk about her as a person matters. It's interesting, apparently in focus groups people feel when Hillary Clinton talks about her grandchildren that it's inauthentic which is not true. But she's got to somehow get it across that she is authentic and Chelsea is the easiest way to do it. We awe ivanka talk about her dad and she and Chelsea. Are friends. Gets touchy during the campaign. What can Chelsea do that ivanka didn't do? How do you compare and contrast? It's a different -- Donald Trump is a different persona to put it mildly and Chelsea Clinton has to talk about the mom. But she has to do it carefully because it can't just be mom and grandmom and daughter of her mom own all that. She has to talk about why that matters to us. And so that's what you see her doing tonight. That would be my expectation is that it's not just that she's a mom but that being a mom matters to everybody who is watching. Do you think the people, though, voters at home discount tributes that come from the family. Yeah, sure, to some degree. If your family doesn't love you, who does? But it can -- it can lend that ear of authenticity. You know, Hillary Clinton -- Chelsea Clinton, it's interesting, because she did grow up in this bubble as you well know. You know, this only child of a political family always, but she married into a chaotic wonderful scene of her husband 1 of 11 children, his, her, their, adopted, all of that and that's given her more of a sense of reality, I think. As we said this is your 22nd convention. Put it all in context from the first one you've done to this one what you have seen across the landscape. I've seen the incredible diversity of this party mainly and that is what you do see, the difference between the two parties at the conventions. And that first one was 1964 where the big fight was to get the Mississippi freedom democrats seated as an integrated delegation. It didn't work but what it did was set the tone for the democratic party going forward and that's what happens at conventions. So all those arcane things that happen and the rules committee and platform committee and all that does set a tone for the party going forward. But this is a moment tonight. I grew up with a mother who was born before women suffrage and then became a powerful member of congress, but spent all of her life trying to promote women in office and in public service, she would love to be here tonight. A lot have been thinking about your mother. She is raising a glass in heaven. Cokie, of course, a veteran

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{"duration":"4:18","description":"The former first daughter has become vital to the campaign and will introduce her mother tonight at the Democratic National Convention. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"40947007","title":"Is Chelsea Clinton Hillary's Secret Weapon?","url":"/GMA/video/chelsea-clinton-hillarys-secret-weapon-40947007"}