'Chew' Chef Creates Delicious Five-Minutes Dishes

Michael Symon shares meals with five fresh ingredients to cook in five minutes.
3:55 | 09/06/13

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Transcript for 'Chew' Chef Creates Delicious Five-Minutes Dishes
We love when he stops by and visits us. We are here to talk about your new book. Five ingredients. Five fresh ingredients, cook for five minutes, under 5 bucks. You're so crazy. You can get a firm meal for your family and friends. Delicious and inexpensive. Let's keep with the theme. Your five favorite kitchen utensils. There's surprises here. These are great things i think everybody should have in their kitchen. A scraper is good for moving things around. What is this? A food mill, to make a tomato sauce and vegetable sauce. A mortar and pestle. And the microplane for spices and herbs and that stuff. What are we going to start with here? I call these lazy meatballs. They're something my mother used to make. In greek we call them -- so, you take your favorite sausage. This is a spicy italian. You form it in a patty. You take your secures and soak them in salt water overnight. Why the salt watt center. It keeps the skewers from burning up. You put a little salt and pepper. And you don't have to oil these because of the fat on the sausage. They go right on the grill. And you hire sam and you're off to the races. You're going to recognize the sauce. Greek yogurt sauce. I'm using all of my greek today. All on the same thing. You take delicious greek yogurt. You put it in the bowl. And this comes together so quick. Cucumbers that are diced. A little bit. I put extra virgin olive oil. I think it gives it more body. Fresh mint. And again, we talked about the microplane. You just grab this. A little bit of that zest. Really makes it pop. And the juice. Oh. Ooh. And then, we mix it together. And we have a really quick, easy sauce. Oh, my gosh. Because the sausage is spicy, it smooths it out. This is one of the recipes, five minutes, five ingredients. Superfast. That was really quick. You can use any sausage that you like. How about the pasta? This is a no-bake mac and cheese. You want to make mac and cheese without going to the oven, cream, mascarpone cheese. And top it with bread crumbs. Absolutely delicious. This is fantastic. Spicy and cooled down by that. The tartness of the greek yogurt. George and I know this for years. But greek yogurt changes everything. It adds a wonderful flavor. It changed my life. I'm thinking it's going to make me grow hair soon. This is grilled eggplant. A little mozzarella and basil. Fast meal. For your family from sketch. Thank you very much. The book is called "5 and 5." You can see michael on "the chew." At 1:00 eastern and 12:00 pacific. Thank you for being here.

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{"id":20176820,"title":"'Chew' Chef Creates Delicious Five-Minutes Dishes ","duration":"3:55","description":"Michael Symon shares meals with five fresh ingredients to cook in five minutes.","url":"/GMA/video/chew-chef-creates-delicious-minutes-dishes-20176820","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}