Meet the Chicago Teen Who Sang for Pope Francis

5:51 | 09/01/15

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Transcript for Meet the Chicago Teen Who Sang for Pope Francis
It's time now for that life-changing moment for one young woman in Chicago. See her there, just had the opportunity to sing for the pope. We are going to talk to her live anyway moment but first to Tom llamas in the room and it was a remarkable moment, wasn't it? Reporter: It was an amazing moment. The only advice I gave this young woman before we started our conversation with pope Francis was be yourself. She's petite as you could see, soft-spoken andfeelg that LE afternn engy Ip? D N't go oa junk fd trip Just irodu urcelf tseobanchipi ralltuouliy salcind cmoloo Co with Dk chocole ancrunchmondy S! Withy Androifrom Traone, I can...rder say goggle Playusic foreedlings St scien fair . Hedule gnea pig . Vio chemic reaction. Bones Timehe next Unch. Calm dowprincipajones. I can all THA with mandroid om tracfe. 90-d plans srt as low a$20. For a mited ti T the lgunria free Teene Mutantinja Tures com case Ver and one Ar free pantal conols. Lo for speally mar pages at get. Tracne. Do everying for ss. Chicago's Cristo ray high school selected to be part of this virtue kwal audience moderated by ABC news, Valerie selected by us for her courage overcoming a skin disorder called vitiligo. I was picked on. I was bullied. Because how I looked like. Reporter: Valerie turned to music which gave her confidence. Music has always been something I was able to use to escape all the bullying and everything that was going around. Reporter: Valerie asking 9 pope what he wants from the youth of America. Pope Francis telling her but also using what happened inside the chapel as an example. He asked for courage. The pope saying, it was difficult for you to take that first step to sing for me. You were excited. You didn't know what to do. But you were courageous and you took the first step and you sang very beautifully. Keep singing. You sing beautifully. Reporter: Now the kids in that chapel were so amazing, her classmates did not stop cheering afterwards. Hugs and so happy to be part of that virtual audience with the pope. From his reaction I think the holyness to feel their energy. Valerie Herrera joins us from Chicago. Are you still over the moon? Good morning. So how did it feel to have the pope ask you to sing? Well, I didn't expect it to happen, so it -- so it just happened and so I really couldn't say no. Very good answer, Valerie. I want to ask you about the song that you chose. Yes. I'm sorry, Valerie. This is Lara. I just wanted to ask you about the chose you chose. It's called "By you, Mary." Does it have a special meaning to you? Yeah, so since I was in the choir with my mom, since I was like a really little girl, it was one of the first songs that -- well, my mom taught me and so it was just like the first song and kind of popped in my head and so it was just like I guess one that just stuck with me through my childhood and everything. Valerie, I know that you paused. You hesitated before you started singing and the pope said to you, pope Francis said, be courageous. Where did you find that courage? How were you courageous? Did you say anything to yourself? What went through your mind at that moment? Well, so at first I had like no clue how to start it off. I couldn't remember the first words. But then I looked back to my mom because she was sitting in the crowd and I was like, okay, she's here and I can do it and then so it's like I guess she just looking at her gave me the courage. Valerie, when did you find out that you were going to get to talk to the pope and what was going through your mind when you found out? Well, I found out that same morning like 40 was very nervous but you never really know what's inside someone until you see a moment like this. Valerie, may I ask of you to sing a song for me? Reporter: 17-year-old Valerie Herrera could not believe it, pope Francis asking her to sing for him just speaking to his holyness emotional enough for this teenager. You got this. Be courageous. Reporter: Just sing a couple bars. O Kay. Reporter: It didn't happen right away but then she raised the Mike up and magic. [ Singing "By you, Mary" in Spanish ]. Reporter: The pope and her classmates erupting in cheers. I was with Valerie at that Mo she and her classmates at just text me and say, oh, my gosh, you did beautifully. You did such a great job and it was like we're so proud of you. I knew you could do it and so it was just a really good experience. Well, they were absolutely right. You did beautifully, congratulations, Valerie. Thanks for joining us this morning. Thank you. And, of course, there's going to be much more with the pope on "World news" and special edition of "20/20" Friday at 10:00 eastern. A life-changing moment. Coming up next, "Gma

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