What If Everyone Had One Child?

Having only one child could be the key to a smarter and happier country.
4:23 | 08/07/14

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Transcript for What If Everyone Had One Child?
It cost -- 151000. Dollars. To -- one shot in the United States -- compared to 26000. Dollars to -- Which might explain why the number of single child families. Nearly 15%. The last forty. Make you wonder what if everyone. Have only one child when my parents -- country you can lose some of this doesn't look the economy -- the world I think a lot more investment in -- case. That we've been forced to toss that -- and -- chips cancel the shopping club members. America you're -- one child and -- -- only for future Hamlet. Which means selfish lonely kids will be having socially awkward exchanges around -- At least that's the skewed public perception lord send an only child and mother of an only child of the -- -- -- they. Ten to imagine a world of little and there. -- that people can capable of connecting -- Nurturing there are hundreds of studies that there alphabet -- -- and includes surveys that show only he's earned better grades and are happier. That those dealing with the choice of sibling rivalry it's simply because when you don't have to goodbye to your energy. Time all of your reflexes between can't pay attention to whether those things and develop confidence and I think developed innovation over a lifetime. Innovations like air conditioning thank you Willis carrier for being an only child you're welcome Daniel -- again some of the country's greatest achievement. From children a big family. Thomas Edison -- light -- was one of seven kids. Iconic American families like the Brady Bunch taught us the pleasant just about yeah. And of course there's the other -- cultural family phenomenon. Known simply has never -- With only one child and also be without reaganomics. And the last of eight kids -- think about that was my -- -- stop. And even have a little I'll get -- here picture -- there are about 320. Million people living in America. In 25 years roughly one generation. Our population. A -- population but perhaps better prepare and classrooms would have a little more elbow room. Right now not after -- isn't one teacher for every sixteen students there were fewer students and teachers. Would likely have more time to spend with each one. Populations where everyone is having one child is going to be a population with a demand for higher levels of education for the small number. Children but there -- that everybody can get -- good university education and and that -- broke a better educated population that could drive down. Climate right. Size of the labor -- would be declining at a pretty substantial rate so should be pretty good for employment. And let's take note from China known for its -- largely abandoned one child policy started in 1979. Control its ballooning population. The thinking -- -- sons have been entering Portland daughter. -- -- -- families can control over the face of their one and only trial. Results. A lot of lonely at any time -- -- -- population. Way more males than we mark females. For the nicely. It's not like a whole lot of good things -- You look around the world throughout history have been we have young men were doing bad as so. A country that size better educated. But was only one -- -- to keep up. And parents do you -- actually enjoy family vacation. The idea of like actually being able to pick Richard that you -- -- during their school plays instead of paying a fortune for plaintiff has been having this. Battle all of -- in the security line at the airport I mean come from. What.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"Having only one child could be the key to a smarter and happier country.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24878058","title":"What If Everyone Had One Child?","url":"/GMA/video/child--24878058"}