Childhood Toys Could Be Worth Cash If You're Willing to Sell

ABC News' Becky Worley reports the latest news on potential ways to cash in on your old stuff.
4:14 | 09/02/15

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Transcript for Childhood Toys Could Be Worth Cash If You're Willing to Sell
everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. Even before he got 3% back on gas. Kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards C turn into cash from something you might want to put in the trash? ABC's Becky Worley set out to find out. Reporter: Dave Peron from bergenfield, New Jersey grew up in the '70s and cleaning out his parents' garage took him straight back in time. Pretty much every single toy I this is still here. Reporter: But are such recent toys actually worth anything? Enter Jordan Hembrough, the toy hunter. It's a better investment than the stock market because toys go up in value. Reporter: He says toys stir up nostalgia. Wow, okay, bob Fett. Take "Star wars." ? Star wars ? Wow! Wait a minute. This is cool. These old retro t-shirts. Reporter: And big franchises like "Star wars," my little pony and even strawberry shortcake are coming back and that bumps up the value of the old stuff. But all the Numbers, 10, 20, $15, all adds up. I think the whole box is about $100. Next working toys, especially the sounds. They trigger our emotions and get people to open their wallets. ? okay, then the no stamg Ya, galaxia was my favorite arcade game and it works. Worth 50 to $75. Reporter: For Dave these are treasured memories. I bought that in Disney world in 1979. We still have the price tag on it. In 1979? Reporter: That investment paid off. The jackpot. You've got all these beautiful Disney figurines. These were bought at the park. Yep. A beautiful, beautiful set. It's worth about $500. Whoa. So total number on all of these toy, what's your estimate? I would say on everything, probably about $1900. Almost 2,000. Amazing. For "Good morning America," Becky Worley, ABC news, new York. There really is money there. Joining us now Jordan Hembrough so let's start with something we know near and dear to George's heart. Your favorite. I look at you staring lovingly at rock' em, sock' em. If you had them in the box talking about 175 and actually surprise, Lara and I are actually giving this to you when we leave. A gift for you. Thank you. What a great gift. So, yeah, you heard me $165. There you go. No, it's a gift. The box is critical. We were saying in the piece it is important to have that original condition. Box is great and try to keep all the components and everything. The big thing with toys always pop culture. The pop culture aspect everyone is going for. Go for characters that you know and love that have been around for years. This Batman equipment set was 20 years old. It's going for now $15,000. Oh, my goodness. Did view that one, George? I had the belt. Freddie. Rare Batman, rare "Star wars," that one goes for 15,000. About four known in the world. Just this one. This one here. This one goes for 15,000. Super rare, less than 50 known. Why is it so rare. So little of them and new stuff you can find in the toy market. What are the viral. Shared on Facebook a whopping 36,000 times and counting. It shocked me that other people were responding to it. Reporter: Shannon hopes her ki too when they're older. I think that they'll recognize that we love them. Me cry -- to be their parents. Reporter: These selfies proving divorce doesn't have to be ugly. Now, one couple posted smiling because it's over, we're spying because it happened so -- I like the commitment to keeping it friendly. Most of them it's kid, they say so -- All right. Well, thankyo U, Sa. Ra Lete M's on now to our series called secret cash stash. This morning we're talking we all have our favorites from childhood but how can you tell the difference between a collectible you can there's money to be found out there so just keep looking and collect what you love. That's the important thing. That's why I brake for yard sales. Thank you so much, Jordan. Ginger has tips on the weather. I do and what a crowd, so

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"ABC News' Becky Worley reports the latest news on potential ways to cash in on your old stuff.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33476934","title":"Childhood Toys Could Be Worth Cash If You're Willing to Sell","url":"/GMA/video/childhood-toys-worth-cash-sell-33476934"}