Children Trapped Inside Flying Bounce House

Another case of a bounce house going airborne has some discussing the safety of the popular kid's attraction.
2:02 | 06/01/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Children Trapped Inside Flying Bounce House
One of those bounce houses, so popular with kids, going airborne. We got some pictures out of Denver here, there are two children inside of that thing, trapped and terrified. Michelle Franzen is here with the latest. Reporter: Usually the hit of the party, right? The bounce house kids can't wait to climb in. The number of injuries the past 20 years from inflatable bouncers have skyrocketed. During a day of fun into a frightful moment. Another terrifying scene Saturday involving a bounce house. As this inflatable slide went tumbling across a Littleton, Colorado, park. The slide was tossed about for 300 feet until it finally came to rest. Two 10-year-old children were trapped inside, as it tumbled across the field. We saw the wind kicking up and all of a sudden, the wind took the slide with it and we were just horrified. Reporter: The alarming incident, a remind of the dangers of the inflatable attraction. Just last month in upstate new York, a bounce house went airborne and seriously injured two children. In 2011, this bounce house in Arizona went airborne, twisting and tumbling, ultimately violently crashing into a pole. Months earlier, horrified onlookers watched as this tumbled across a soccer field, sending 13 people to the hospital. In this latest case a firefighter said both children were taken to an local hospital but their conditions are not known. Meanwhile, firms say it's important to follow all setup and safety precautions when using a bounce house. Michelle, thank you. Just convinces me that Jake is not going to be playing in a bounce house.

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{"id":23946628,"title":"Children Trapped Inside Flying Bounce House","duration":"2:02","description":"Another case of a bounce house going airborne has some discussing the safety of the popular kid's attraction.","url":"/GMA/video/children-trapped-inside-flying-bounce-house-23946628","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}