Chloe Grace Moretz Battles an Alien Invasion in '5th Wave'

The actress talks about her new movie and her role in the upcoming live-action remake of "The Little Mermaid."
2:42 | 01/22/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chloe Grace Moretz Battles an Alien Invasion in '5th Wave'
But wait, before we go, Chloe grace Moretz is taking over Hollywood battling aliens in the new thriller "The 5th wave." Rob Marciano recently sat down with her to talk about what could be the next "Hunger games." In this clip she's rescued by a stranger trying to figure out his motives. Take a look. Why did you bring me here? What do you want? My family, I couldn't save th them. But I could save you. The way everything has happened I guess it just makes me feel more human. Then you need help with that? Feeling human? Don't you? I'm here now with Chloe grace Moretz, welcome to "Gma." Thank you. You have have aliens to deal with and guys you can't trust. Was that an alien or is that giving away part of the plot? That's kind of the question, you know, what do the aliens look like, where are they? And, you know, eventually come to find they are hiding amongst us and look like us. You can't trust anybody? Not really. That's the kind of ideas that the aliens kind of pit us against each other and that's what starts to derail our entire sense of humanity. You're an ordinary kid with no survival skills but you obviously quickly learn them in the movie. Yeah, I mean that's kind of -- that's the cool thing about the story. It's really just -- it's a movie about human perseverance and really about a young girl who is -- she's not the smartest girl in school. She really is just a Normal kid. But in some, you know, very abnormal situations. Switching gears past "The 5th wave" are you going to be working on "The little mermaid." Yeah. A remake of that. Yeah, so one of the controversies I'm Reading about on social media. Do you keep your hair blond or go to redhead. It's not really kind of my decision. It's up to interpretation. That's what's so great about the Hans Christian Andersen novel. He did leave the color in everything kind of up to our imagination where we want to take our character. How good are you at holding your breath. You know, I'm actually not a very good swimmer. You'll be the little mermaid. Yeah, with a little bit of training. A little help. Someone who is not a good swimmer and you've gone through many iterations. What would you sell your younger self now that you're grown up. I treat myself like I'm a 35-year-olds and I'm not and I am 18. It's okay to make mistakes. Please don't make any mistakes in "The little mermaid" because my 4-year-old daughter is depending on you, no pressure there. Yes. Good luck with the opening of "The 5th wave." And what were you doing when you were 18 years old? Fantastic for her. "The 5th wave" in theaters right now.

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{"duration":"2:42","description":"The actress talks about her new movie and her role in the upcoming live-action remake of \"The Little Mermaid.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36445998","title":"Chloe Grace Moretz Battles an Alien Invasion in '5th Wave'","url":"/GMA/video/chloe-grace-moretz-battles-alien-invasion-5th-wave-36445998"}