Chris Brown Allegedly Violated Probation

Prosecutors are arguing that the singer skipped out on community service.
2:30 | 02/06/13

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Transcript for Chris Brown Allegedly Violated Probation
We're going to turn to the latest trouble for chris brown. Prosecutors are going to court in l.A. To claim that brown violated his probation after his 2009 attack on rihanna. They say he skipped out on community service. And matt gutman is here with that. Reporter: One of the allegations is that he didn't complete a single hour of community labor in his home district of virginia. And he wasn't in the state on some of the days he was supposed to be picking up trash. The district attorney wants him to redo hundreds of hours of community service. This time, in l.A. Chris brown, the bad boy crooner, please don't judge me, may not get his wish morning. Brown is slated to appear before a los angeles judge today, after new allegations the singer didn't do over 1,400 hours of community-focused labor he was ordered to perform in 2009. Part of his sentence for pleading guilty to assaulting his then and current girlfriend, rihanna. The defendant, chris brown, must not harass -- Reporter: At the time, richmond's police chief agreed to supervise brown doing tasks like cleaning up trash and removing graffiti. Instead, the d.A. Says its investigation revealed no verifiable evidence he did any of the work saying the police department, at best, kept, quote, sloppy documentation. And at worst, provided fraudulent reporting. And if he didn't do these hours, the judge is going to give him a choice. Either do it here in los angeles county so it can be verified. Or simply go to jail. Reporter: Among the allegations, that on days brown was supposed to be doing labor, he wasn't in even richmond. The d.A. Says one day the singer was on a private jet, headed for cancun, where the singer reportedly posted these photos on his blog. Brown's attorney, mark geragos, denies those all gaegations. Saying that brown did not deny anything. And in a lengthy court motion, the d.A. Cites several run-ins brown has had since on parole. Even a fight with singer frank ocean. And allegations he swiped a cell phone from a clubgoer last year. Allegations that geragos also The richmond police couldn't be reached for a comment. Now, if the judge finds that chris brown broke his probation, it is possible he could force him to serve all those hours in jail.

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{"id":18418291,"title":"Chris Brown Allegedly Violated Probation","duration":"2:30","description":"Prosecutors are arguing that the singer skipped out on community service.","url":"/GMA/video/chris-brown-probation-singer-allegedly-violates-probation-prosecutors-18418291","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}