Chris Christie Addresses Debate Confrontation With Marco Rubio

The New Jersey governor talks to "GMA" about whether his debate performance can give his campaign momentum in New Hampshire.
2:57 | 02/08/16

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Transcript for Chris Christie Addresses Debate Confrontation With Marco Rubio
Let's bring in governor Chris Christie, got great raves for that debate on Saturday. You're still in sixth place. Are you worried that you hurt Marco Rubio and not help yourself? Absolutely not, George. This race is now wide open. No one knows what's going on in this race at all. We sense real momentum on the ground for us. We're looking to run right through the tape on Tuesday. You hit him so hard on Saturday night, called him the anointed one yesterday. Made the clear case he's not ready to be president. Can you say the same thing about front-runner Donald Trump? Listen, my focus on Saturday night is Marco Rubio, the senator's first-term united States senator, the fact is, he's never accomplished anything of any note in the United States senate. This is not about me or him. It's about the American people. We elected seven years ago a president who, you know, a first-term United States senator. We watched our country go downhill the last seven years. We don't need to repeat the same mistake mistake. You know, you have invested so much time and money in new Hampshire, though, still in sixth place, if you can't win there, where can you win? George, you know, I know, that as a former operative yourself obsessed with the polls. I know you are. I also know when you working for bill Clinton in 1992, everybody told him the night before new Hampshire primary, he was going to be in single digits and was finished. He came in second place and his campaign went on to win the nomination. So, let's remember a little history that you were a part of, this is not about the polls this morning. It's about the performance on Saturday night and the performance of the candidates. We showed people we're ready to be president. But more importantly we're ready to take on Hillary Clinton. What republican primary voters have to remember, who would they want to have on that debate stage against Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio or me? We can't afford to lose to Hillary Clinton. You need someone who's tested enough to make sure we can beat Hillary Clinton. And get to the white house to change the direction of our country. I think when people watched Saturday night, one person who was watching who wants nothing to do with me in September and that's secretary Clinton. We're ready to have the fight. Let's win up here in new Hampshire and let's move on from there to get the nomination. Governor Christie, thank you. "Good morning America" and

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"The New Jersey governor talks to \"GMA\" about whether his debate performance can give his campaign momentum in New Hampshire.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36784298","title":"Chris Christie Addresses Debate Confrontation With Marco Rubio","url":"/GMA/video/chris-christie-addresses-debate-confrontation-marco-rubio-36784298"}