Chris Christie, Bill Clinton Share the Political Stage

New Jersey governor, former president speak together at global initiative meeting.
2:34 | 06/15/13

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Transcript for Chris Christie, Bill Clinton Share the Political Stage
We had turned to politics now on the 2016 run for the White House to our late well not -- -- in Chicago this week. That's -- New Jersey governor Chris -- share the stage with Bill Clinton for the Clinton Global Initiative meeting. But while I'm almost talking about the show of bipartisanship. They -- also wondering what if Christie faces off against another Clinton in three years. ABC's -- nine and has more from Chicago that morning arena. I'd be -- a good morning to you it was billed as a nonpolitical event the two men talking about the lessons learned. After super storms sandy but it was -- hard to ignore the politics. In the -- Now we're gonna have a little fun. It's simple romance a man his reputation I have virtually ruined more than once. And head arms so Hans solo into bonds got that good and fuzz ball but -- political -- -- if you can make federal policy just by fiat. How would you agreement that they. -- -- real time crossing party lines and touting his bipartisan work of the week of super storms CNBC when this kind of thing happens Republican independent Democrat. Matter who you -- what you are. He turned to government if Christie runs and 2016. He might end up facing off with another Clinton after visiting -- 112 nations and for four years. Hillary Clinton told conference goers heard next big endeavor focusing on the plight of women and children. When women participate in politics. The effects ripple out across society was that a hint about 2016. We found her childhood girlfriend at the conference and asked to get a run. I honestly don't know and -- -- she doesn't end here this morning VIPs -- You think you like yeah. -- she didn't -- Twitter this week highlighting yourself as a pantsuit aficionado. And the rest. TBD. Meanwhile the conservatives Christie would need to win the potential GOP nomination. -- meeting in Washington and potential rival -- bullish had this slip of the -- when talking about immigration reform. Immigrants. Are more -- and -- -- families and their more and they have more intact families and they bring a younger population. Republicans may have a harder time forgiving Cristi for lavishing praise on President Obama just weeks before the election for his help with hurricane sandy. But either way from Washington to Chicago the race for 2016. Is -- -- for better or worse brain anatomy thank you for your reporting this morning.

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{"id":19409608,"title":"Chris Christie, Bill Clinton Share the Political Stage","duration":"2:34","description":"New Jersey governor, former president speak together at global initiative meeting.","url":"/GMA/video/chris-christie-bill-clinton-share-political-stage-19409608","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}