Chris Christie Feels 'Taken Advantage of' in Bridge Scandal

The New Jersey governor talks to Diane Sawyer after a report clears him in the scandal.
3:00 | 03/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chris Christie Feels 'Taken Advantage of' in Bridge Scandal
We'll turn to New Jersey governor Chris Christie who was cleared of any wrongdoing in the new internal report commissioned by his administration on the bridgegate scandal that threatened to derail his political career and future. Christie sat down with ABC news for an exclusive interview and ABC's Jim Avila is in Trenton, New Jersey, with much more. Good morning to you, Jim. Reporter: Good morning, josh. He is back and armed with an internal report written by friendly lawyers that says that he is, in fact, clear and he's back on the offensive today with an expected news conference and some of that characteristic bluster from governor Christie seems to return to in that first post-scandal interview done by ABC's Diane sawyer. The in-house investigation cost taxpayers a million dollars and does not reveal the motive nor much of anything else about why Christie's aides in an act of political retribution punished the people of ft. Lee, new Jersey, last September by jamming their access to the George Washington bridge. But it does clear the boss of any wrongdoing. This report says that had no knowledge of it before it happened nor did I authorize it and or have anything to do with it and that's the truth. Does it make you feel clueless? Does it make you feel like what was wrong with me? Not clueless but it certainly makes me feel taken advantage of and also more importantly I feel like I let people down by not knowing. Sometimes people do inexplicably stupid things. Do you believe they did it to please you? Anybody that knows me would know that wouldn't please me. What did you say to your children? Our oldest son was home on break and he asked me, did you do this? It was a tough question that your son would ask you and I said, no, I didn't. And he said, good. I'm glad. Bring you at any point to think maybe I'll step down, maybe this is just too much? Never. Never. Reporter: The governor telling Diane sawyer his rough and tumble style did not inspire his aides to run roughshod over New Jersey commuters and the scandal is not going to change him. I am who I am and for some people they love it. I hear from most people that's the thing they love the most. What about Iowa? Well, I think they love me in Iowa too, Diane. I've been there a lot. I think they love me there too. Reporter: So now the republican governor Christie will wait for two more investigations including subpoena power and ability to grant immunity one by the state legislature and of course the other by the U.S. Attorney.

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{"id":23095986,"title":"Chris Christie Feels 'Taken Advantage of' in Bridge Scandal","duration":"3:00","description":"The New Jersey governor talks to Diane Sawyer after a report clears him in the scandal.","url":"/GMA/video/chris-christie-george-washington-bridge-scandal-jersey-governor-23095986","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}