Former Chris Christie Official Paints New Picture of Bridge Scandal

Ex-Port Authority official to the New Jersey governor now saying Christie knew more than he's letting on.
3:00 | 02/01/14

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Transcript for Former Chris Christie Official Paints New Picture of Bridge Scandal
Back at home the super bowl weekend, the first one ever in New Jersey should have been a triumph for governor Chris Christie but instead he's facing a fresh and potentially devastating new twist in the bridgegate scandal. A top lieutenant says the governor knows more than he's letting on and has evidence to prove it. ABC's Reena ninan is on the story. Reporter: You're right. This should have been the weekend of a super bowl for Chris Christie. A moment for the host New Jersey governor to shine. Instead this morning it's unclear if the September lane closure of the George Washington bridge will force Chris Christie to the exit ramp. On to the boulevard of broken presidential dreams. Governor Chris Christie's former right-hand man at the port authority now says the governor lied about what he knew about the closing of the gw bridge and when he knew it. David wildsteen is Christie's high school friend who oversaw the lane closings. He said Christie was well aware of the snarled traffic on the nation's busiest bridge. He previously offered to spill the beans in exchange for immunity. In a letter acquired by ABC news the lawyer writes "Evidence exists trying Mr. Christie to having knowledge of the lane closures during the period when the lanes were closed." An allegation Christie staunchly denied during a press conference. I had no knowledge of this, the planning, the execution or anything about it and I first found out about it after it was over. All praise for New Jersey. Reporter: He's seen on stage at radio shock jock Howard Stern's birthday party in Manhattan. His office continued the denials stating the governor has absolutely no prior knowledge of the lane closure. But will there be others who come forward? Noticeably silent Christie's deputy chief of staff Bridget Ann Kelly. And Christie's former campaign manager is pleading the fifth. This is really a story about people being advised with certain authority and abusing it and coming up with a cover story and spending quite a bit of time and resources to do that. Meanwhile, republican fund-raisers for Christie are planned in six major states in the coming months at the birthday party last night Chris Christie introduced bon jovi but New Jersey's largest student "The star ledger" is calling for him to resign as governor if these are true. That editorial was really tough. I read it. Scathing. Thank you, Reena. Let pick up on that with Matt dowd. Matt, good morning. So we've talked about Chris Christie for many years now as a possible presidential contender. Is he possibly in danger of losing had is presidential hopes and his current job? Well, I'm no rocket scientist as you know but that's not good pr when you look at those headlines. I think his chances now of being president of the United States are about the same as Amanda Knox taking a vacation in Italy. They're about the same thing. Wow. So I think the question becomes can he survive his office? I think there's still -- you till have to argue over the tenses of his word which is never a good situation to be in but here's a guy, tells you, was the preseason pick to be the republican nominee for president and now it's a question whether or not he can even retain his office through the course of this. That's quite a shift, no question. But in his defense we haven't seen the evidence, the purported evidence from his former top lieutenant. Isn't that really what we feed to look for here? No, obviously this is all going to keep unfolding. Ever since his press conference all of us have said if all of the evidence backs him up he'll be fine. Any divergence he has a problem. What we've seen yesterday and today there is beginning to seem some die vergennes from what he said at his press conference and what is actually coming out and we'll have all these hearings in New Jersey over the course of the next weeks and months. There's investigations. We'll keep learning more and more but if it keeps diverging it's becoming more and more problematic for him to continue to be governor. So many more shoes to drop. Matt dowd, happy to have you here. Thank you.

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{"id":22327681,"title":"Former Chris Christie Official Paints New Picture of Bridge Scandal","duration":"3:00","description":"Ex-Port Authority official to the New Jersey governor now saying Christie knew more than he's letting on.","url":"/GMA/video/chris-christie-official-paints-picture-bridge-scandal-22327681","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}