Chris Colfer Talks 3rd Book, Final Season of 'Glee'

Chris Colfer, known for his role in "Glee," now out with his third book, "A Grimm Warning."
2:34 | 07/08/14

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Transcript for Chris Colfer Talks 3rd Book, Final Season of 'Glee'
I'm here with Chris Colfer. We love him in "Glee." He's also a best-selling author with the third book in his land of stories series called "A grim warning." Welcome back. So great to have you. Like I was telling everybody, Harper is excited that the third book is coming out and bringing back the Bailey twins. For a whole new adventure in the third one. We got tweets on this. One from Jennifer noble. She said the ending of the second story was traumatizing. Does it get better in the third? It gets better. In the second book the twins were separated. One was in the fairy tale dimension and the other in our dimension and reunite in the third but I would be lying if I said the ending of the third one is any less traumatic. You like to keep them hanging. I do. I do. It's very sick. I remember being a kid and these authors would do it to me but now it's so they arapeutic I get to do it to my readers. We just did a tweet but you had an issue. Someone hacked into your account. Some jerk hacked me. It was very upsetting? They said you were leaving fwlooe. Tweeted that I had been fired from the show and was leaving which would not happen either. And, yeah, it was -- it was a pain. It really was. It was -- I'm glad you were able to clear it all up. You have been having fun in "Glee," as well and played a flying Madonna singing peter pan. I did. Yes, yes, not too many people can say they've been a flying singing Madonna peter pan, right and did it with June Squibb of all people and Tim Conway and Billy Dee Williams was in it. You must have some mixed seasons. The final season is coming up. It's kind of like saying, oh, I only have one more mountain to climb. You got to climb it before you can look back on it. Once the show is over I'll be able to reflect. Our show is so hard to do. We got to get through the season before I can let myself reminisce. You've always got so much going on. Did I read you'll play Nowell coward. Who else? Ian Mckellan and Jonathan Pryce and a great, great cast and a lot of names I can't say now that are soon to join, as well. That's going to be great. Meantime a couple more books coming out. A couple. Land stories 4 and picture book and a couple of other titles that I'm flplaying around. "The land of stories: A grim warning" in stores today. The big reveal from our

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{"id":24465362,"title":"Chris Colfer Talks 3rd Book, Final Season of 'Glee'","duration":"2:34","description":"Chris Colfer, known for his role in \"Glee,\" now out with his third book, \"A Grimm Warning.\"","url":"/GMA/video/chris-colfer-interview-2014-bestselling-author-golden-globe-24465362","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}