Chris and Heidi Powell Kick Off 'GMA Training Together Challenge'

The "Extreme Weight Loss" hosts talk about the show's season 5 premiere.
4:36 | 05/26/15

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Transcript for Chris and Heidi Powell Kick Off 'GMA Training Together Challenge'
for her family. Paurt of our "Everyday heroes." But first, our extreme weight loss pal Chris Powell joins us. The new season begins tonight? Ye. You have twin brothers on the show. Somewhat this that you called game-ifying. Game-ifying workouts. You have a training partner. You're working together toward a shared goal. It's challenge you do together. It increases the bond. Raymond and Robert, they love basketball. I wanted to game-ify their workout. Raymond had to shoot ten consecutive free throws. If he missed one, he had to start over. While Robert was suffering. He had to go through an incredible challenging circuit. It's not a psychological challenge. But the huge physical and Finan fitness xoepts. Where is your beautiful wife? Where is Heidi. She's right here. Oh, great to see you. Thank you, you, too. Do you do this game-ifying thing? Ye. We say the couple that plays together stays together. It makes the workout so much more fun. It builds an incredible bond. This is how we train nearly every single day. Well, it's working. It's working. Right. Look at these guns. Game-ifying. That's all we did. Are you going to help us with the team challenge? Ye. Here's aditi. She has to dribble a soccer ball. Agility and coordination. She has to make it through the koens twice. And while she's doing that, radhika is doing mountain climbers. Then they switch. It's not easy. It's a challenge. While she's doing that, once again, these are incredible components of fitness. What the you don't have a net? It's like high knees. 100 high knees. And team blue? Oh, we're going have fun here. Right now, will is doing squats. Dean has to sink a putt. No pressure. Until he does, will has to do the squats. Dean, come on, buddy. He has to make it before he can move on? He does. Come on, buddy. Will will be in charge of hitting the putts. It's team thing. They have to hustle for each other. Come on, dean. No pressure, buddy. It's a physical and psychological challenge. What do you do for a putti iing green in your house? You can wad up paper and shoot baskets The last team over here, team green. This is my favorite. Lauren will do 20 son sec active jump ropes while Michael does burpees. If Lauren messes up or stops at 18 or 19, she has to start from number one. ? How are you doing, Michael? Then they swap. Keep going. She did 20. He's a pro. You can add a time factor, right? Five minutes. Once again, it's working together toward a shared objective or shared goal. And they're saying thanks for staying on this end for so long. Thank up a of our partners. He timely sunk a putt. Did dean finally make it? Season five? Season five. Some of the most incredible transformati transformations. Jaw-dropping. And you're a part of it. We like to do everything together. Thank you for transforming these lives right here. Thank you. The season premiere of "Extreme weight loss" tonight at 8:00 central, right here on ABC.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"The \"Extreme Weight Loss\" hosts talk about the show's season 5 premiere. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31305452","title":"Chris and Heidi Powell Kick Off 'GMA Training Together Challenge'","url":"/GMA/video/chris-heidi-powell-kick-off-gma-training-challenge-31305452"}