Chris Pine talks 'Wonder Woman' and being mistaken for other actors

The actor sat down with "Good Morning America" to discuss his role in the DC Universe film and said he is a "happy clam" if he can rock anonymity.
2:39 | 06/01/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chris Pine talks 'Wonder Woman' and being mistaken for other actors
late, what's right on time one of the most buzzed about superhero movies, "Wonder woman." I had the chance to sit down with Chris pine himself who opened up about being the token male in a movie full of warrior women and why he uses a flip phone. Very interesting. Stand back. Stand back. You are co-starring in the first female action movie. How is that? So to be on the beach with all these women doing their incredible fight sequence, I look over a rock. I think I tackle someone and see the men roll up with the strollers with the babies to watch the women work and not even work but just like kick ass was, it was quite something. This is different than what we're used to seeing, these powerful, strong women, kicking butt. So what is the message of this movie. The real theme of it is parity and equality is that women can do whatever they want to do. How hard did you have to train to get yourself in shape for this role. I trained an hour a day and was kind of fun for me because the novelty of it I get to be looked at like an object. She's standing there like a man just eating me up. What is your mission? I'm -- I am a spy. If I had a shield of truth, what is one truth nobody knows. Are you on Facebook. No. There's fans out there called the pine nuts. I love them to death. I'm prone to anxiety and I found my phone made me incredibly anxious so I just decided to kind of sever the cord. Now with this flip phone I don't have wi-fi. And I do have other friends with flip phones. They're just if their 70s. There you go. I'm not in "Guardians of the galaxy." That is Chris Pratt. I am Chris pine. You joked on "Snl" they can't tell you apart. Is that really true. I call it the resume game. Like someone will say my friend says you're somebody I should snow. What have you been in? I'm Ryan Pratt and I was in "The green Thor." I knew it. It's always nice that fans come up and say I liked you in such and such. That's great but, you know, if I can rock in for a little bit longer I'm a happy clam. You're going to be out there, Chris Pratt, great to see you. Good to see you. Good to see you, man. That was Chris pine, everybody. And "Wonder woman," it hits theaters tomorrow. Make sure check it out.

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"The actor sat down with \"Good Morning America\" to discuss his role in the DC Universe film and said he is a \"happy clam\" if he can rock anonymity. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"47759767","title":"Chris Pine talks 'Wonder Woman' and being mistaken for other actors","url":"/GMA/video/chris-pine-talks-woman-mistaken-actors-47759767"}