As I Lay Dying Singer Blames Steroids For Murder-For Hire Plot

Tim Lambesis claims steroid use dramatically impacted his thought process.
4:07 | 05/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for As I Lay Dying Singer Blames Steroids For Murder-For Hire Plot
First the bizarre twist in the case of the rocker taking out a hit on his he strange the wife. His heavy steroid use affected his behavior. And cecilia vega has that story for us. ♪ Reporter: This morning the lead singer of a grammy nominated heavy metal band remains behind bars accused of hiring a hit man to kill his estranged wife. But tim is no longer denying that allegation. He has a new defense, steroids made him do it. His thought processes were dramatically impacted by the steroid use. Reporter: Lawyers for the as I lay dying front man blame 'roid rage saying he was mentally unstable last month when he asked a man in his gym if he knew anyone who could pull off a murder for hire to take down his wife. The singer has pleaded not guilty but his lawyers now say once lambesis began bodybuilding the steroid use started and the singer known for his head banging music with a christian twist lost god. Videos online show a startling physical transformation. Here's lambesis in 2008 showing off his love of tattoos on "l.A.Ink" and here he is buff five years later. Can steroid use alter the mind that much it could make someone want to kill? Anabolic steroids to an increase in testosterone in the blood but it is very complex and it's not, you know, a direct cause and effect type of scenario. Reporter: Prosecutors don't buy the 'roid rage defense. They say the singer knew exactly what he was doing and that his estranged wife now lives in fear. She's living petrified not knowing can I come out? Who else is out there. Reporter: While she remains in hiding lambesis is due back in court tomorrow. For "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. And "gma" legal analyst dan abrams joins us now. Good morning, dan. Good morning, robin. Not the first time that someone has used this type of defense. What do you make of it? It's a horrible defense. It never works. I couldn't find a single case where it worked. If this is the defense they pursue, we don't necessarily know that's what they're going to say they'll have a real uphill battle here. It's not that dissimilar from saying I was an alcoholic or i was on cocaine or -- and that's not a defense. Now, could this help in sentencing? Facing a sentencing range of 3 to 9 year, yeah, maybe it could help when the judge is considering what sentence to give and he explains his mental state, yeah, it could help there. We were all talking in the break and saying it's never good when you say, yes, I did it and this is the reason why. What does it say about the prosecution's case? All right, this ef a very strong case here. Remember, the defense attorney had initially started questioning the quote/unquote snitch meaning the person who he had solicited who turned out to be an undercover cop but when you hear the audiotape of him there, it's so damning that i think that they had no choice but to say, huh, this is a tough one that we're in. We're in a bit of a pickle here and so now it seems they're shifting the defense to 'roid rage. This could be an effort by the attorney to simply try to cut a deal with prosecutors. We don't know this isr going to go to a jury with this kind of defense. His estranged wife he allegedly took the hit out on is still very fearful for her life in hiding somewhat. How does she play into the case here? If they were going to cut a deal, they would talk to her. This is the sort of case where you want to make sure that the victim is involved in that conversation. That doesn't mean that the victim makes the call because, again, it is the state versus this particular defendant, but in a case like this you want to know how the victim feels, you want to incorporate that into the decision and before cutting any sort of deals, you want to make sure that that victim is well aware of what's happening and kept apprised of everything in the case. Many eager to see where this goes next. What happens. Dan, thanks very much.

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{"id":19269639,"title":"As I Lay Dying Singer Blames Steroids For Murder-For Hire Plot","duration":"4:07","description":"Tim Lambesis claims steroid use dramatically impacted his thought process.","url":"/GMA/video/christian-heavy-metal-singer-hit-job-lay-dying-19269639","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}