Christina Milian and Mark Ballas Get the Boot From 'DWTS'

The couple received a 10 from the "Dancing With the Stars" judges but were voted off by viewers.
4:57 | 10/15/13

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Transcript for Christina Milian and Mark Ballas Get the Boot From 'DWTS'
Includeling the shocker in the ball game. Christina milian and mark ballas, got the first 10 of the season last night. How could that not be enough to keep them on the dance floor? Here's what happened -- it was a show. I was born. And barely 2 1/2 weeks later, i was diagnosed with m.S. Reporter: And shocker. THE COUPLE WITH THE FIRST 10s OF The season, found themselves in trouble. The stars opened up and shared some of their most memorable life experiences. Corbin bleu danced for his sister with scoliosis. And was awarded by the judges. Lisa remini who recently left the church of scientology, called this contemporary dance her dance of independence. I want to show my daughter what's truly important in life. You can't let anyone dictate to you how you should live. Reporter: Brant daugherty danced in memory of his father who died from cancer. I wish more than anything, my dad could be here for this performance. Reporter: But the show wasn't all tears. Elizabeth berkley was saved by the dance, when she re-created one of her iconic moments from ""saved by the bell." And being aed the top of the leaderboard could not save christina milian. She and partner, mark ballas, were sent packing. I was not expecting that. But we had the best performance tonight that we've had thus far. Here they are now. Christina and mark. Yeah. She's more gorgeous up close. Stunning. All the activity. Are you kidding me? Hey -- it is one of those ones, where you were watching. I thought you were guys were going to go straight to the top last night. It was a shocker. I mean, we had a great performance. You know, based on that alone. And of course, the judges' scores felt really good. A 10, ya e. We were shocked. You knew going in a woman was going to be thrown off. I know. That was a little alarming. When we got the 10, if it was, hopefully we're in the clear. Apparently not. It was such a memorable night. Everybody's story. And mark being the choreographer, you have to take this woman's story. She has a baby and goes through a divorce. How do you choreograph the highs and lows? That's a tough challenge to take on. But I like that we took a positive spin on it. It was her best dance yet. The best scores yet. I guess you can say, went out with a bang. Such a special week. Most memorable year. I was so nervous at the beginning of the week. Exposing that part of my life and being more vulnerable. But I was proud with the packages, opening up. And out of any time, I felt throughout the show, I was growing slowly. I was opening myself up more. And I felt like last night was the night that I felt completely open and closed to the world. Can I tell you the difference between when you were here and now? And now. Wow. Isn't it crazy. It's true. You can sense it from you. There's a difference. There's a different aura. I felt out of place, like I want to do this. I felt so new to this audience. And working with mark, honestly, my confidence level has gone up. And introduced to a new crowd, which is great. There's been a lot made of last week's show. And I know you were tied with julianne. How does that factor in? Was she rough on you? I think it was tongue and cheek. She was kidding around. We went to dinner that night, me, her and derek. People like to make things a bigger deal than they are. That didn't shake you at all? Not really. Nothing like that shakes me. I'm his partner. I was a little startled. And he's like, it's fine. We're like brother and sister 237 okay. I can hardly breathe she's so beautiful. This close to this woman -- you are -- I mean, drop dead crazy. Wow. The outfit, too. Note to self. Next week, monday 8:00, 7:00 central. "Dancing with the stars." We'll find out who is next.

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{"id":20573681,"title":"Christina Milian and Mark Ballas Get the Boot From 'DWTS'","duration":"4:57","description":"The couple received a 10 from the \"Dancing With the Stars\" judges but were voted off by viewers.","url":"/GMA/video/christina-milian-mark-ballas-boot-dwts-20573681","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}