Times Square Feeling 'Blue' After 'Smurfs' Invasion

"The Smurf 2" stars Jayma Mays and Christina Ricci discuss anticipated sequel of hit film.
3:34 | 07/30/13

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Transcript for Times Square Feeling 'Blue' After 'Smurfs' Invasion
so, we have -- you know, feeling a little blue this morning. But in the best way possible. The smurfs have taken over times square and "gma." You know, the movie "smurfs, 2" coming out. We have stars, jayma mays and christina ricci, joining the "smurfs" cast. My kids are fired up about this movie. And the first one was such a blockbuster. Do you feel like you're a major hit here? Is it a big deal? I think so. We're hoping. For me, I wasn't involved in the first one. This is a -- it's exciting to be a part of. It opens tomorrow. And I'm telling you, kids are very, very excited about it. You were in the first one. What's the reaction been to you playing this animated, fun role? You never know what's going to happen when you d a film. I felt with the first one we were womening, people were coming up to us saying, I have 100 figurines in my basement. I do, too. I gave them to my kids. My mother probably still has mine in storage somewhere. I want to show everybody a scene from the movie. This is neil patrick harris. And a plan in this scene is being hatched to save smurfette, played by katy perry, from the eagle gargamel. Take a look. Smurfette has been taken. What? If we can find him, we'll find her. He's a big star now. He's in paris. You get the blues -- the rescue mission. I'll come, too. You need all of the hands you can get. Passport? We can't get up and go to paris. That's one vote no. Who votes yes? Me. Of course. Ooh-la-la. What is that like, when you have to ask with nothing there? By the end of the evening, you feel like you're going a little crazy. Did they put something there for you to contact to? You rehearse with these little gelatinous smurfs. And remembering which smurf could be the dot, is a little nutty. Christina, you play vexie, the evil character to smurfette. It was fun. I sort of said, there's no other girl smurfs. And I found out, she was created. And she's naughty. It's if unto be the bad girl in a kids' movie. Do we have time? I want to show a quick clip of vexie in action. Being naughty, we use all our goodness against her. Once that happens, she'll feel like she's part of our family. Hey, smurfette, did you do this with your sisters back in surf image? It's embarrassing to watch yourself doing the lines with no one there. You make all kinds of weird faces. And you have to go for it. It resulted in a fun movie. Katy perry, neil patrick harris, ja may. Christina. "Surfs 2," opens tomorrow. Coming up, richard haass

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{"id":19814800,"title":"Times Square Feeling 'Blue' After 'Smurfs' Invasion","duration":"3:34","description":"\"The Smurf 2\" stars Jayma Mays and Christina Ricci discuss anticipated sequel of hit film.","url":"/GMA/video/christina-ricci-jayma-mays-smurfs-interview-times-square-19814800","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}