Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense: Confirmation Process

George Stephanopoulos reports the latest details of President Obama's administration.
2:23 | 02/03/13

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Transcript for Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense: Confirmation Process
Yes, keeping with our football theme, we've made this animation with these helmets smashing together, democrats and republicans smashing everything over a buzzi new picture of the president with his nominee and george stephanopoulos mercifully not wearing a helmet. You want me to put one on. Very flexible. In the middle of this huge debate over gun control, the white house just yesterday releasing the picture of the president skeet shooting on his birthday. Met with enormous amount of skepticism among members of the media and conservatives. My question is was this smart politics or sort of -- this is following up on the interview the president gave, i skeet shoot all the time. There was a lot of skepticism about that so they put out the photo yesterday. Listen, I understand why they put it out. It is not going to persuade one person against his gun control purposes his heart is in their place. There's no way it will lap. I get why the president wants to show he is not averse to all guns at all types. He just wants in their proper class. Meantime, the president's pick, chuck hagel, faced a rough time last week. Did he hurt his performance? They're not even arguing he did a good job before the senate on thursday and made several mistakes but he's likely to still get confirmed. In fact, overnight another republican senator mike johan said he would support chuck hagel. That gives him two republican senators. Most of the democrats are still behind him so he will get confirmed but that was an uninspiring performance at bet. I know you will talk some football and force your roundtable to pick a favorite super bowl ad. Force? They were having fun doing it. Let me force you, what's your favorite ad? So far, I mean I like a lot of them. The vw ad I think is hilarious, come on, be happy is fantastic. That go daddy ad is really something to see it kind of squirm inducing, I would say but then on top of that, and they always do it, the new clydesdale ad is a real heart tugger. A lot of them and we're going to get all the round table to weigh in this morning. Thank you, george. We should mention george has what we call in the business a big get, the man at the center of so much of the action in washington right now, senate majority leader harry reid. Later this morning on "this week," thank you again, george

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{"id":18390513,"title":"Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense: Confirmation Process","duration":"2:23","description":"George Stephanopoulos reports the latest details of President Obama's administration.","url":"/GMA/video/chuck-hagel-secretary-defense-confirmation-process-18390513","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}