How Clean Is Your Kitchen?

"GMA" puts homeowners' cleanliness to the test with a surprise health inspection.
4:01 | 06/09/14

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Transcript for How Clean Is Your Kitchen?
How clean is it really? We had a professional health inspector and our own Dr. Richard Besser visit a few home kitchens to find out and the answers might surprise you. ? Reporter: In New York, it's easy as a, B, C. Every health food violation gets you points. 13 points or lower an a. 14 to 27 a "B" and 28 points and above is the scarlet letter of dining out "A C." I'm in New Jersey to find out are America's kitchens up to the same standard? Violate you for this one. Reporter: "Gma" investigates teamed up with kervyn mark. We came up with a "Gma" home kitchen inspection sheet to score violations based on new York City's point system and then started knocking on doors. No, thank you. I'm with ABC news -- Come on in. Wanda says she keeps her refrigerate irpacked to feed her four young children. Is it cold enough? Important to have a thermometer in the refrigerate story make sure it's working. 41 degrees or less. Okay. Check the rice. Right now we're at 45. 45 so that would be a violation. Lots of food. You want it colder. Yes. Reporter: That's not the only temperature she needs to worry about. You have a meat thermometer. You want to make sure that's cooked to the proper minimum temperature. Oh. You can drop into the food and cause contamination. We also checked under her sink. No signs of mice, but -- Little bits of food, not only feeding your family -- With a few other violations Wanda's final total, 40 points. I have to give you a "C" grade. Around the corner, Christian's kitchen which appears spotless. Nice clean sponge. All the chemicals are stored away from the food and vents are clean. Look a little closer. This expired milk will cost a few points. Has a funny smell to it -- That and other issues gave him a "B." Beautiful kitchen. Over at Jennifer's kitchen. Wow, nice. Separate cutting boards. No cross contamination. This one is for fish -- Vegetables. And this is for poultry. But the mom of three was shocked to find she's violated a major rule about leaving dinner out on the stove. I try and have dipper ready at like 5:00 but I'll let it sit out on the testify until 8:30. Wow! You can't put it back in the refrigerator. It accumulates -- All I'm thinking of it's made with cheese -- Lucky for her that seven-point violation wasn't on our list. I want to show you something. Look inside her dishwasher. That's mildew. Is that making my dishes dirty. No, but it can contaminate if not treated properly. A couple of other violations gave her 12 points. Just squeaking by keeping an "A." I got an "A." Overall these home kitchens were making the grade? That's awesome. Violations -- That's expired. Like expired food or not having a meat thermometer could be easily fixed in an afternoon. Wanda the woman who got a "C" is on the case. That's what I'm going to do as soon as you leave. Fantastic. Now, one other violation we saw in several of the homes was deeply depthed cans and there are a couple of concerns here. One is with botulism. It can damage the seam and lets bacteria in. The other concern is with the can lining, with the deep depth some of the lining could flake off INT our food. So but you don't need to throw Aw the can, take them back to you and they'll give you You should get a discount when -- that -- sometimes they sell them like that when it's depthed. It's smaller than your finger, it's fine but a deep doupts --

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{"id":24053414,"title":"How Clean Is Your Kitchen?","duration":"4:01","description":"\"GMA\" puts homeowners' cleanliness to the test with a surprise health inspection.","url":"/GMA/video/clean-kitchen-24053414","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}