Close Call for Australian Shark Junkies Pushing the Limits

Tigers shark goes after 'The Mad Hueys' daredevil during stunt,
3:00 | 01/20/14

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Transcript for Close Call for Australian Shark Junkies Pushing the Limits
There's a lot of dumb stuff that they're on the Internet and this might be the -- slightly up. Fun loving Israeli militiaman eight diving. With a bird -- -- -- -- -- -- On Arrington was trying to create a viral -- to promote his clothing line and he admits -- went debit. It. Turned around and -- -- -- comment only and not just through and I brought Obama. And pretty months sagging from. Pro -- All of that sank. It hopes. You know more and more people are jumping into aviation charts all over the world and it. Could be the making or the breaking of the endangered apex predator -- Aaron. -- Board anymore -- is PR -- publicity because we really need to see -- on us we need them. To check at this Florida teenager who pitched a ride. On a whale sharks. Last summer I decided you know she needed to transform them because then I'm might not be able dude ever again -- -- very easy. On this Nantucket fisherman who grabbed -- 200. And sand shark in the senate. I think people just kind of become crazy airing it seems -- running into the water and grabbing -- -- -- shark tourism is now -- 300 million dollar a year industry with more than a -- -- diving centers and 29 countries attracting. Shot junkies. To get placement than ever. It's also like it's really exciting adventure and want that people don't want the ordinary they want it's -- that feeling that often adventure. And -- can deliver. Great island cage diving with great whites and -- -- a couple of years ago -- And that's a bit old hat he's not. Mike -- even ruled a colleague Matt Gutman went diving with tiger sharks in the Bahamas last summer wearing nothing more than a wet seat. -- -- -- Is small shark. Was to make a mistake invite -- chances are we can probably handle. In a big shark makes a mistake invites him chances are you're gonna bleed to death. Tourists on one of Jim Abernethy ageless -- was killed in two that is today -- a series of mistakes from human or animal. And right there is the issues the making or the breaking. There's no one gets killed then we learn to love and respect sharks and conservation efforts blossom. Also fisherman might -- sharks are worth more -- life as tourist attractions than dead. -- -- NC but if a lot of divers start dying. I live my life doing. Not only -- with my life but I make them look bad news that's gonna make sure people's perception go way back to. The jobs perceptions which is why there was on -- -- -- when the tourist posted this image of a diver hugging a lemon shark. Off Bora Bora -- really -- a lot of experience goes into it and if people did it all the time. A lot of people are beginning seriously injured killed marquis -- is a big wave surfer in self proclaimed wolf ferment in Hawaii who regularly -- ageless. Which shocks that moment when year actually closer and up to large shark -- it. There's things that you see as far as muscle definition in and and things had never really transfer on to film. That just really aren't packed -- that in part explains why more and more people are diving with sharks yeah. -- Tulsa shark week -- an annual event on discovery. Sharks are in a way things of the final frontier our oceans the least explored park globe. Sharks are still mysterious they excite fascination. And or fear. In all of -- bring up -- it's like religion or politics people get really emotional. One side -- like these things are benevolent creature is like -- -- or something and would never hurt me because -- have a special connection I think that's total BS. On the other hand you have people that. Think there absolute killers. It's really something in between so on the one hand we have the likes of models last -- -- Ramsey -- actually swims with great -- yeah. That's a great white. Misunderstood in this institute as they're. Ravenous your mind this man eating machines and that's not happening. Trees and on the other hand people more -- to our Nantucket do you -- Like the rest catching sharks that -- thing to do any big fish really it's so -- -- some foreign. Bottom line -- diving might be a good thing for us and them but only if -- week. Right we can't -- -- animals like dogs and cats this isn't the predators and we have to really respect the woman who told them credit. Even experienced divers like mark Healy about closed bulls he was riding with a seemingly friendly tiger -- and about comments. When he went back in for another riot at the same show. And he -- Sharks and they're still wild animals. I make no bones about it and you can have great interactions with a hundred tiger sharks it's a numbers game -- gonna run into that one personality that. That's the shark that would you know. -- you with a knife on the streets of Brooklyn. Don't try this -- home. He's my favorite -- statistic. Up to 100. Million sharks are killed like humans every year. While only by humans. Just five. Are killed by sharks. Our Australian thrill seekers left. -- -- -- Cynically and still while watching it. And -- still don't -- it's delightful to New York taught that Flynn analyst tree -- the industry. It's not minute I'm that -- for Nightline. -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Tigers shark goes after 'The Mad Hueys' daredevil during stunt,","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21596660","title":"Close Call for Australian Shark Junkies Pushing the Limits","url":"/GMA/video/close-call-australian-shark-junkies-pushing-limits-21596660"}