CMAs 2014: Which Country Stars Scored Nominations?

Darius Rucker and Little Big Town announce the nominees in five hot categories live on "Good Morning America."
3:00 | 09/03/14

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Transcript for CMAs 2014: Which Country Stars Scored Nominations?
? it's my kind of night ? Time for the big reveal. We have been waiting all morning to find out who could be singing pretty at the cma awards. Joining us to announce the nominees, Darius Rucker, and little big town. Here they are. Nice to have you all here, Darius. You going to start us off. The nominees for volkle group of the year, Eli young band, lady antebellum. My people, little big town, the band Perry, the zac brown band and those are the nominees for vocal group of the year. We have the nominees for album of the year. Yes. "Crash my party," Luke Bryan. "Fuse," Keith urban. "Platinum" Miranda lamb Behr. "Riser," Dirks Bentley. The outsiders." Eric church. Those are the nominees for album of the year. Congrat, everybody. Now the nominees for female vocalist of the year are -- Miranda lambert, Martina Mcbride, Casey must graves, Taylor swift and Carrie Underwood. Those are the nominees for female vocalist of the year. Awesome. And the nominees for male vocalist of the year go Dierks Bentley starts it off. Luke Bryan. Eric church. Blake Shelton. And Mr. Keith urban. Yeah. Those are your nominations for male vocalist of the year. All right. Bring us on home. Nominees for entertainer of the year are Luke Bryan, Miranda lambert, Blake Shelton, I want to be in that household. George strait and Keith urban. All right. Oh. And those are all the nominees, I know you're going to have more for us and a live press conference we'll talk about. George strait, again, nominated. That is his 83rd nomination. Wow. Can you believe that? Yeah. And counting. One last year but congratulations little big town. I mean, come on. You have been -- you have been nominated in this category since 2006 and are the reigning champs. No pressure. No pressure at all. How does it feel when you hear your name mentioned again? I got so nervous just hoping -- let us be on there again. Thank you. I told him he had to say it whether we were on it or not. He had to say it. That was part of the deal? That was part of the deal. Darius, I know you have new music coming out you'll play for us. You didn't have anything out that qualified for the nominations. What do you think of these. I love it. I love going -- those award shows are so much fun. We all hang out and have a great time and I love seeing everybody and all the music. I love being a part of the whole country music world. I've enjoyed going to the awards and it's such a family atmosphere. That category, best female vocalist. Whoo! That's a tough one, you know, when you look at Miranda and Martina -- Kacey. The fact that they have won three times -- four times and that if Carrie wins she'll become part of that four time with Reba Mcentire. Taylor. And Taylor swift is in that category as well. What do you think of that? ? Because we -- yeah, we could hear -- see some history. Yeah. Coming up in November. Hey, you guy, you'll be back with us in October because you have your new music coming out there and I heard -- you talk about it. You're so excited bit, aren't you, respect you, jimmy? We are. We went back in and worked with jay Joyce again who produced the last record and we couldn't be more thrilled. We're just champing at the bit ready to get the music out there. "Painkiller." I had a few of those drinks down in key west but what is it about this new album that has you guys beaming, Kimberly? I think -- I think it's, you know, little big town but it's -- we pushed ourselves. I think ourselves musically and vocally and this record makes you feel good. It's all around feel good. Darius, you make us feel good. What will you sing inside. My new single "Home grown honey." I wrote with it Charles Kelly from lady antebellum. I love when you drop names like that. Just some friends. We'll hear you sing in a moment. See the 48th annual cma awards live on November 5th right here on ABC. Brad and Carrie will be hosting for the seventh time and, wait. Darius and little big town will also be announcing the rest of the nominees at a live press conference at 10:00 A.M. Eastern but thanks for stopping by here and we'll have you back to sing in October. Darius and little big town will be taking your questions on Twitter. Devote us using the #Darius or #lbt. Darius is going to sing when we

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{"id":25227249,"title":"CMAs 2014: Which Country Stars Scored Nominations?","duration":"3:00","description":"Darius Rucker and Little Big Town announce the nominees in five hot categories live on \"Good Morning America.\" ","url":"/GMA/video/cmas-2014-country-stars-scored-nominations-25227249","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}